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Beauty of Nature
19 Sep 2014
Me and my wife visited Kasauli during last week of June 2014. Here we visited Monkey Point- a beautiful temple in the area of Indian Air Force. The security is very tight there. We enjoyed the walk from Kasauli market to the temple. Here we enjoyed Natural beauty. During summer also, it is a cool Hill station. come here to enjoy your weekend....
Kasauli Hills
30 Jun 2014
Kasauli hills is also an awesome place. best time to visit in spring season. the monkey point is located there which is the best attraction of there, hence the side sceneries are so awesome that u have lots of photographs . condition that u must have fully charged digi cameras. 1 day trip including way . Buses available from Kalka, Haryana direct for kasauli hills. the route is like . Chandigarh_ Kalka_ Parwanoo_ Kasauli. must Visit this place. Kasauli. Distt. Solan
A Peacefull Place
30 Jun 2014
A very good place to visit and and if you have your own vehicle then you can take few stops and enjoy the view. The kasuali has few places to visit like church , kasuali club and a small market to buy clothes and other small stuff. You can enjoy good hotels on the way (chandigarh to Kasauli) like Mc Donalds , Hotmillions and also Juice bars.. A good one day trip or can be a weekend destination. You can carry eatable and do locate so good points around and rest there . The weather is normally good so its really good visiting in summer.
hill queen
26 Jun 2014
kasauli himachal pradesh is a best suitable location for hill lovers.its located near chandigarh on foothills of himalayas.its well connectd to dharampur n shimla national highway.kasauli has a number of restaurants n hotels to stay.its a perfect place to be in natures lap
Good Hill Station
25 Jun 2014
This is small but awesome hill station in solan district, Himanchal Pradesh. Koi Mil Gaya also shoot there.
Beauty of nature
25 Jun 2014
kasauli is a very beautiful small town present in outside of shimla... Too many people not go their because that is not much famous as shimla , manali... but it is a best to spend vaccation with silence and nature...
A Great Vacation Trip to Kasauli
24 Jun 2014
Me and my friends organised a weekend trip to Kasauli which is about 50 to 60 Km away from chandigarh. We really enjoyed that weekend. We went to sunset point which is very calm and cool area. There is a place called Monkey point as there are lots of monkeys there in peak area of kasauli. Finally we visited Mall Road which is not very big but a good place to visit. Kasauli is like a small heaven on earth. So if you are planning for a weekend trip then Kasauli is a must visit place.
Nice hill station
23 Jun 2014
kasauli is one of the best hill station in himachal pardesh. I went there last year with my friends and found it very beautiful hilly area. we went there on bikes. it's an awsm bike ride on the hilly roads,forest are everywhere,monkey point or lover point and hanuman mandir makes it very beautiful and attractive. it's fun to visited there and will make plan to go there again :)
beautiful hills
22 Jun 2014
kasauli is situated in himachal pardesh so hills are obvious.kasauli is not on too much height but the weather there is is a small town which is calm and peaceful.there is a church worth watching.overall a good experience visiting kasauli
kasauli "heaven on earth"
22 Jun 2014
kasauli is a very beautiful place. it is a perfect place for people like me that prefer peaceful staying with delicious food. it`s a place where you can forget all your worries of daily life.
the queen is here
21 Jun 2014
Yes I know shimla..kullu..Manali topping for the list of a family vacation...but I found a gem right before them...KASAULI...awesome delight to be here...deodhar trees reaching for the sky...this hill town takes you back in the British era of small villas and being a army cantonment it is clean , clear, crispy air and army speakers on the street playing olden goldies ..u go back to the black and white era of ...main zindagi ka saatg nibhata chala gaya... Peace...and tranquility and himachali food and also noodles and endless cups of espresso coffees make your stay a super yoga for your soul...GO FOR IT
21 Jun 2014
Not a must visit tour but good for a short one for half of the day. Best suited in winter with good location and hills and short mountain ranges to be visited with.
Close to nature
20 Jun 2014
Amazing place..Amazing climate..!! can feel in the arms of nature while being there....:)
Romantic place
20 Jun 2014
This the very romantic place on this earth.I Love this place always in every time & moment. This romantic place always missed by me in every time.I have occasionally want to goes to this place.On every year always want to goes to this place...
20 Jun 2014
Kasauli is a most beautiful place in hill stations of India. There are a very old Church from time of "Angrajo". Kasauli is also a very peace full place. The Sun set view in Kasauli is looking very beautiful and attractive.

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