After years of research and innovation, ixigo, India’s leading travel marketplace introduces ixigo Kavach – a truly smart lock. Once you use it to protect your luggage, the lock creates an invisible shield around your bag. If your locked bag goes out of a defined geo-fence, which in this case is its proximity to your phone, various lock modes are triggered to protect your luggage.


Electric Shock Wave:
As soon as someone unknown tries to take your bag out of its geo-fence, they will receive an extreme electric shock. This ‘jhatka’ will surely compel them to back off!

Sound & Phone Alert:
You can set custom sound messages such as “yeh mera bag hai”, “haath mat lagana”, etc. which the lock will play as soon as someone takes the bag out of its geo-fence. You will also receive a message regarding the breach on your phone.


Though a rechargeable device, this lock will work seamlessly without being charged for an entire year. Developed with cutting-edge technology, it is practically impossible to hack into the ‘ixigo Kavach’. Other specifications include:

Build MaterialMilitary Grade Steel
Water Resistance 100% Waterproof
Unlock Options Bluetooth, Fingerprint
USB Charging Type-C
Tracking GPS Enabled