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Prateek Laad
Prateek Laad
about mandu
20 Jun 2014
Mandu is a nice place for a happy refreshment. I want to suggest to try to visit it in the month of july to Sept. Its a wonderful place, all you feel here is much like a hill station, but try to visit this place in d months mentioned. There are idols and statues also, but the main part is 'peace' climate is soo pretty that you will feel like heaven there. Its near to my hometown.
Ashwani Vishwakarma
Ashwani Vishwakarma
Nature is joy to watch
19 Jun 2014
its a place known for its natural beauty with the clear blue sky stillness and the sun rise view makes it pleasure to watch and relieves one from all worldly desires..!!
Syed Nawaz
Syed Nawaz
Heaven on earth...
18 Jun 2014
A must visit place in a lifetime, its very near to my hometown and it is very rich in terms of natural beauty, and flaura fauna....And yes, its quiet affordable too

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