12 Tips For Better Mobile Photography

What’s more fun than travel and photography? Travel Photography! Mix your flair for photography and thirst for travel with these simple tips to capture some of the best shots on your journeys. With these Do’s and Dont’s, we wish you happy clicking and happy travelling!


Do use the Rule Of Thirds. Most mobile phone cameras today come with the feature of enabling grid lines on the screen. Even if your phone does not have this feature, just imagine a tic-tac-toe kind of grid on the screen. Now place hard lines such as horizons on the lines and your subject on the intersections.

Do wait for the “magical hour” as the sky is bathed in myriad hues of the rainbow. Early morning and twilight hours also work wonders on your photos.


Do take note of your mobile phone’s battery. Keep a power bank handy as well as a memory card with good storage space.


Do download some photo editing apps on your mobile phone. If you are an avid photographer, then it is advisable to go pro by investing in good apps such as Snapseed, Procamera and Pixlr.


Do practice to keep your hands steady if you wish to capture shots in low light conditions. Camera phones generally give out a blurry picture if not handled with steady hands while taking a low light shot.


Do keep your mobile phone handy as timing is everything in photography. The handiness of the mobile helps in capturing a great moment.


Don’t be afraid to try out different perspectives. Shoot from below, or above to give an exciting twist to your photos.


Don’t lose patience. Good pictures are an outcome of patience and swiftness (at the right moment, of course). Also, the shutter speed in mobile phones may fluctuate depending on the rapidity of the shots taken. So be patient once you click the button as the picture is recorded.


Don’t be afraid to explore your phone camera’s in-built features. The latest smartphones let you record videos in HD, click fantastic night shots and play with the focus setting.


Don’t waste much time on clicking pictures of your food. Food photography is a big business and a cool hobby, but take out time to enjoy a hearty meal with your companions. Let the local specialities play with your taste-buds as you soak in all the flavours!


Don’t turn your back to the Sun while taking a selfie. Face the light source (in this case, the Sun) so that pictures turn out bright and clear. Also, while taking landscape shots, be wary of glares caused by sunlight as they can ruin a great shot.


Don’t just depend on your camera’s lens. Invest in good lenses that can be attached to the mobile phone. Choose from macro, fisheye or even telephoto to capture great photos on your travels.


Travel Photography gets a tech savvy makeover with mobile cameras. Armed with these tips, unleash the photo-ninja in you! You will be amazed at the quality of photographs you manage to capture on your forthcoming travels!

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