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Kanika Nevatia Jul 15 2014

How is Goa during monsoons?

Debangana Sen Jul 15 2014
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Goa in monsoons is a sheer delight, a peaceful refuge and simply a magical experience. Known for its lovely beaches, happening parties and colonial history, Goa is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Each year, throngs of tourists from India and abroad take a trip to Goa, with a majority of them coming here during the peak season (Oct - Jan), often missing out on the time when Goa is at its prettiest.


Ominous gray clouds over the horizon, claps of thunder and streaks of lightening scattering across the skies--the monsoons arrive in Goa with quite a dramatic flair. And then the skies open up with a sudden burst of downpour, usually short and almost always followed by a dazzling sunshine that lights up the entire landscape with jewel-bright colours, like a shimmery wet painting.

Small streams gush down the emerald valleys, palm fronds sway to the tunes of the wind, hills carpeted with every shade of green imaginable get enshrouded with a misty veil and the air becomes saturated with the smell of wet earth--the beauty of Goa offers plenty of fun experiences.

Photo of the Goa countryside (by Adam Jones)

Places to See

With the thin crowd of tourists at this time, sightseeing in Goa is a leisurely experience without the shoving and the jostling and the waiting in queues. Explore the churches and cathedrals in Old Goa, stroll along the quiet beaches in South Goa and navigate the forts in north Goa--every corner will lead to a new discovery.

Photo of Dudhsagar Falls (by Jagadhatri)

Moreover, during monsoons the forest trails and waterfalls are at the peak of their natural beauty. The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Mollem National Park and the Dudhsagar Waterfalls are a must visit. A special mention goes to the Savoi Spice Plantation that can be reached via a beautiful road that cuts through a forest.

Photo of the quaint rain-washed lanes in Goa (by abcdz2000)

Things to Do

Try walking barefoot on the rain-soaked beaches. The sea puts up a grand show with angry waves roaring and crashing against the huge boulders. Though swimming is not an option, the feel of the soft sand under your feet and the salt spray washing your face is an unique experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


If you have a good view from your hotel balcony, you can easily spend hours enjoying a laid back rain-soaked day with a steaming mug of coffee and a good paperback. But if you are not a homebody, you can try your hand at fishing or crab hunting, or better still, go trekking wherever your feet take you. Just make sure you wear proper shoes as the roads can be slippery.

Photo of Basilica of Bom Jesus (by Shubhojoy Mitra)

With hardly any tourist in sight, you will have Goa all to yourself. Use this time to explore the rich heritage and the natural beauty of this place. From imperial Portuguese structures to ancient temples located amidst green paddy fields lined with coconut and palm trees, taking a quiet walk through the outback will surprise you with riveting sights.

Goa is never far from famous celebrations. The fertility feast of São João and Bonderam are celebrated during the peak monsoon season in the month of August. There is plenty of the usual singing, dancing, music and revelry. Also as part of the festivity, the newly married men jump into wells! This is a traditional ritual where they dive in and search for the gifts thrown into the wells.

Photo of a man jumping into the well during celebrations (by Joel)

Photo of São João celebrations (by joegoauk73)

Turn this holiday into a volunteer vacation. Volunteering in Goa is an organization that works with various charities and causes across the state. Going into the interiors and obscure villages to help out the locals and animals, apart from being a humbling and positive experience, will also let you see a side of Goa that only a few outsiders are fortunate enough to see.

Where to Stay

The off season has the locals hotels and resorts offering special Goa monsoon packages and amazing deals. However to capture the real charm of Goa in monsoons, you should opt for homestays in villages or quaint little lodges set in the picturesque setting of paddy fields, mountains, waterfalls and gurgling streams on the outskirts of Goa. Another option is to book a stay at the Pascoal Spice Village. For more options, check out this hotel app.

Photo of a spice plantation in Goa (by Jennifer Rose Stankowski)

These are only a few of the many things you can do during monsoons in Goa. Here is a link of a detailed travelogue and itinerary on how to go swinging in the rain when in Goa during the rainshowers.

For a fun road trip through the picuresque surroundings, take the Mumbai to Goa cabs and have a great time.

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