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Mercy Jacob Mar 26 2014

Which are the most unbelievable places to visit on earth?

Reema Bhalla Mar 26 2014
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The most spectacular miracles of nature. It is hard to believe that these most beautiful places on earth actually exist.

Fly Geyser, Nevada

A well was drilled and left uncapped, the accumulated algae and minerals resulted in this beautiful formation in Nevada.

Photo of Fly Geyser (by Jeremy C Munns)

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

During the rains, this is how the world's largest salt flat looks like in Bolivia.

Photo of Salar De Uyuni (by psyberartist)

Reed Flute Caves, China

The 240m long cave system is a result of water erosion, a major highlight in China.

Photo of Reed Flute Caves (by roychungg1993)

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Formed due to years of flowing water, an interesting interplay of lights can be seen at its surface in Arizona.

Photo of Antelope Canyon (by Von Jan Zeller)

Sea of Stars, Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

What looks absolutely normal during the day, comes to sparkle during the night, due to the marine microbes called phytoplankton. Not to be missed if you are in Maldives.

Photo of Sea of Stars (by jeffwongdesigns)

Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, Wyoming

Pigmented microbes produce this beautiful effect on this largest hot water spring in the USA.

Photo of Grand Prismatic Hot Spring (by Jim Peaco)

Turquoise Ice, Lake Baikal, Russia

When the frost and sun cause cracks in the ice crust, this is the result due to clarity of water, which is a spectacular sight in Russia.

Photo of Lake Baikal (by Japioca)

Socotra, Yemen

This dragon tree which resembles an umbrella is truly unique to Yemen.

Photo of Dragon tree (by Rod Waddington)

Zhangye Danxia Landform, Gansu, China

Photo of Zhangye Danxia Landform (by rolando000)

Caño Cristales River, Colombia

Due to excessive flora and fauna, the water reflects multiple colours. Something only in Colombia which the world has never seen.

Photo of Caño Cristales River (by Rosa Ahmed)

These are the very own magical spells of nature. The most unbelievable places on earth are too surreal to be true.

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