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Kohli Puja Apr 17 2014

Can you tell me about some of the most unique sports around the world?

Pritha Manchanda Apr 17 2014
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Are you done with the standard sports? If activities like hiking, river rafting or zip-lining no longer excite you, it’s time to check out some of the most unique sports around the world.

Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing is a unique sport that requires both brain and brawn. Famous in the United Kingdom and Germany, this sport involves alternating rounds of chess and boxing. Competitors win the game either by knocking out their opponents with a good jab and hook or by making strategic chess moves.

Photo of Chess Boxing (from World Chess Boxing Organisation)

Seepak Taraw

A sport that has caught the imagination of a lot of sport enthusiasts is Seepak Taraw. Very similar to volleyball, this game originated in the Malay Peninsula nearly 500 years back. In this sport, two teams need to toss around a rattan ball using only their feet, knee, chest and head.

Photo of Seepak Taraw (by hosin2009)

Wife Carrying

Eukonkanto or wife carrying is a popular sport in Sonkajarvi, Finland. The objective is for men to carry women across an obstacle course dotted with rocks, fences and patches of water in the shortest possible time. The prize: the winning team takes home the woman’s weight in beer!

Photo of Husband carrying Wife (by khybermail)

Dog Dancing

More than a sport, Dog Dancing is an art that makes use of discipline, coaching and dance. It may seem amateur, but is actually a competitive sport that’s held in the UK and Japan. It’s an excellent sport for pet owners who are looking for some interesting and engaging activity for their pets.

Photo of Dog Dancing (by heather vescent)

Wood Chopping

Wood Chopping may may sound more like a chore than a sport, but is, in fact, a popular sport in North America, Europe and Australia. Turning lumberjacks into aggressive athletes, wood chopping involves everything from log rolling to tree topping and other related activities.

Photo of Wood Chopping (by Astur1)

Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey, or octopush, is growing in popularity. It is one of the most unique sports around the world that originated in Australia. The rules of this sport are the same as the ones played on solid ground. The difference is that the game takes place underwater in a pool and players need to wear diving masks and fins.

Photo of Underwater Hockey (by Hu Totya)

Street Luge

Combining the thrill of sledding and skateboarding, street luge originated in California. It’s a sport that makes use of gravity and is dependent on the smoothness of the road or track. Riders use wheeled sleds to speed down tracks. All set to experience an adrenaline rush?

Photo of Street Luge (by Calixtocapi)

So, are you ready to try out one of these most unique sports around the world?

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