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Ria Dutta Jul 31 2015

Once upon a time in Mumbai

Pritha Manchanda Jul 31 2015
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What used to be Bombay then, is Mumbai now! Let’s take a look at what the “Maximum City” has lost over the past decade.


A hotel then and a plane ground now

Those who have already stayed in Sea Rock Hotel would know how amazing the property was. With it’s revolving rooftop restaurant and a pool overlooking the beautiful ocean, this hotel looked quite promising and made Bandra a favourite with travellers. After the blasts, the hotel’s floor, lift and rooftop restaurant faced a lot of damage and were in use only till 2006.


By Kiran Ghag


By Sattish Bate

Mumbai's only lifeline then

Our very own Bambai Nagariya used to have double decker trams. Surprised? Yes, we too were when we got to know about the same. The double-decker tram service began in 1920 and was operational till 1964.

Pritha_Old (1).jpg
By Smithag, Wikipedia

A ride to remember

Remember going out for a trot along Marine Drive's picturesque promenade after dinner? We are talking about the time when “Victorias” used to be an important mode of public transport, and the only traffic on the streets in Bombay! The Bombay High Court recently banned these horse-buggies in Mumbai.

By Suraj P. Singh, Flickr

When movies were no less than event

Watching a movie on single screen cinemas like Maratha Mandir used to be no less than an event in Mumbai. The late night shows used to serve as an opportunity for some to dress up and enjoy the make-believe world of celluloid. The halls were adorned with mirrors, red carpets and beautiful chandeliers. With multiplexes running across the city, that charm does not exist any more!

From the official Facebook page

Defunct PCOs now

Cyber cafés and PCOs were the lifelines of college students, middle-class homemakers, commuters and working professionals. All you needed was some cash and you could call home, print out a project or connect with friends online. You will hardly find any cyber cafe in Mumbai but yes you will find many defunct PCOs near bus depots and railway stations. You might want to read on some of the unknown facts about Mumbai.

By Victorgrigas

The top level ride

How many of you used to wait for double-decker buses to get the first seat on the top level? Imagining a steering wheel, driver and brakes would have been so much fun! Well, now these buses have almost vanished from the Mumbai roads, except for a small section of South Bombay.

shutterstock_287574947 (1).jpg

No more dancing all night

Dance bars on Mira Road was where love was an everyday affair, sometimes infatuation, sometimes lust and sometimes love as well. Women could easily sway their booties and make guys go mad over them. Well, that’s how the love business used to work then. Not anymore!

By Suchorita Dutta

Where to wander?

There aren’t any parks in Mumbai as most of the spaces have been turned into gymnasiums and clubs or have naturally transformed into concrete jungles. Want to take a stroll, head to Juhu Beach.


The indomitable spirit of Mumbai never ceases to surprise. Do let us know how was the nostalgic ride. Keep reading and sharing. :)

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