Planning a train journey? Follow these 7 important safety measures

Since the outbreak of novel COVID-19 in the country, day-to-day life has changed significantly. Indian Railways has also made several changes to ensure a safe and hassle-free journey for all its passengers.

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Here are some of the safety measures you must follow during this time:

> If you are stepping out of your home, then make sure you always wear a mask. By following this simple step,  you will decrease the chances of catching the virus.

> With multiple health screening and safety measures being put in place, reach the railway station at least 90 minutes before the departure time.

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Indian Railways is trying its best to maintain high-level sanitation to prevent the spread of the virus. Deep cleaning of each coach is being done so that safer travel can be ensured. Do you know? For the first time ever, Indian Railways has  introduced a pouch where one can spit multiple times during a train journey.

> Post lockdown, only those passengers who have confirmed tickets are being allowed to enter the station premise after all the required checking. One must follow social distancing to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

> While travelling in trains, it is advisable to bring our own linen so that the spread of COVID-19 can be stopped.

> Maintain social distancing, don’t push your co-passengers at the station or when boarding the train.

> Once you reach home, don’t forget to change your clothes and take a shower.

Here are the things you must avoid: 

1. Carrying unnecessary baggage.

2. Don’t throw used napkin or tissue paper at stations or inside the coach

3. Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands while coughing or sneezing

4. Don’t travel and seek medical help if you are suffering from fever, cough or difficulty in breathing

5. Do not hug or shake hands with your near ones and do not go near affected/sick people.

Have a safe journey! 🙂