Planning a vacation? Here’s why Travel Insurance is an indispensable travel companion!

Every travel experience is unique and we’re always ecstatic at the thought of exploring a new place, interacting with people from different cultures, the sights, sounds and most importantly memories we build that outlast the holiday itself.

Amidst all the planning we do, we often overlook one the most crucial part of our holiday i.e., a good travel insurance. This is in spite of the fact that we exhibit farsightedness when we insure our car on its very first day or take home insurance while buying a house! But when it comes to travel, insuring it seems like a choice we can avoid.

Today, we apprise you of the importance of travel insurance; so that irrespective of the destination or whether you are traveling with family and friends or business associates or alone, a travel insurance is the first thing you pack!


Reasons why travel insurance is important –

  1. It covers unforeseen medical treatments due to accidents and unplanned hospitalization as well as out-patient treatments.
  2. Covers non-medical benefits such as loss of passport, loss of checked-in baggage, trip delay, trip cancellation, etc.
  3. In some cases travel insurance is a mandatory pre-requisite for entry into a country.
  4. Even if medical insurance is not mandatory, it makes sense to opt for one because cost of treatment is extremely expensive abroad.
  5. It is very convenient to protect the trip of your dreams. All it takes is the following few steps –
  • Fill an online form to get instant quote for a chosen travel insurance plan
  • Key in details of the members proposed to be insured
  • Answer some simple questions to understand one’s medical history.
  • Proceed to payment which can be done via credit/debit card.
  • The insurance policy is issued instantly and is emailed immediately.

What travel insurance policies do not cover (if not paid extra)?

  • Accidents sustained while participating in extreme adventure activities such as paragliding, hang gliding or bungee jumping
  • Third-party liability (if you injure someone on the road)
  • Alcohol or drug-related incidents are not covered
  • Pre-existing conditions or  general check-ups won’t be covered


About Insurance Companies

As there are a number of insurance companies in India, finding the best one can be a daunting task. My personal choice has been Religare Health Insurance. It offers a comprehensive plan which also covers pre-existing health problems and I get to choose an economical plan basis the country I am travelling to. Online buying process is hassle-free and takes a few minutes. The customer care team is courteous and helped me when I had to extend my trip by making a phone-call from overseas.

Going somewhere? Better get covered as it is rightly said: “If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel”.