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Which are the famous haunted places in Kolkata?
places to visit
asked by iXiGOers Wed, 19 Jun 2013
If you are a paranormal enthusiast and happen to land in Kolkata, we have few places that you should visit. So, check out these f ...more
Which are the best things to buy in Kolkata (Calcutta)?
places to visit
asked by iXiGOers Sun, 09 Dec 2012
One trip to the "City of Joy" and you are going to grab all the best things to buy in Kolkata. This way, you get to keep Kolkata with you, alive ...more
Where can I find the best street food in Kolkata?
asked by iXiGOers Sun, 09 Dec 2012
Are you looking for places where you can find the best street food in Kolkata? You've landed at the right place! I ...more
A mention of the city of joy is never complete without a word about its divine desserts. When you tell your folks you are heading to Kolkata, one of things ...more
location of block-B1,C1,F1,G1,K1,L1
asked by Ashoke Datta Sun, 28 Apr 2013
Here is an image which will help you understand the location of these blocks slightly better. Most of these blocks are on the first level. ...more
How can one visit Sunderbans and Gangasagar from Kolkata?
local info
asked by iXiGOers Wed, 30 Jan 2013
Gangasagar is an ideal place to visit. I suggest to visit gangasagar in off time to enjoy more.To cross Muri ganga by big launch is a superb journey ! ...more
How can I reach Kalyaneshwari Temple from Howrah?
local info
asked by Avijit Konar Sat, 26 Jan 2013
Give our page on how to travel from Kolkata to Asansol a try! Asansol is where the Kalyaneshwari Temple is located in West Bengal. The distance from Howrah Railway ...more
I really wish I could come along with you on this one! You can go from Mumbai to Sikkim taking this route, and stopping a night at each of these places: M ...more
Which are the best breakfast places in Kolkata?
things to do
asked by Kapil Gumasta Wed, 19 Mar 2014
Breakfast - the word conjures images and most importantly contains the yolk of an idea - an idea so surreal and yet so practical - of the heart warming touch of the mor ...more
Which are the best New Year parties in Kolkata?
things to do
asked by Reema Bhalla Tue, 09 Dec 2014
Welcome 2015 in the City of Joy at one of the fabulous New Year parties in Kolkata. Dance through the night to the beats of some electrifying music as y ...more
If you are looking for nominal lodges/guest houses in Howrah, then Step In Guest House, Clark Inn Hotel, Sagar Guest House, Sofia Continental Hotel are some of the op ...more
Is online booking available at Birla Planaterium?
asked by Protip Chatterjee Mon, 19 May 2014
As per the official website, there's no online booking process available. For further queries you can call on +99-332-2231516. Photo of Birla Planetarium ( ...more
Can you tell me some unique facts about the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata?
places to visit
asked by Anupriya Bedi Fri, 18 Jul 2014
Did you know that the Howrah Bridge, better known as the Rabindra Setu today, was originally a pontoon bridge? Read on to know many more suc ...more
You know you grew up in Kolkata when...
asked by Etti Bali Wed, 19 Nov 2014
You know you grew up in Kolkata and are a true blue Kolkatan at heart when: You can’t understand how people can like golgappas over puchkas and can spe ...more
How is Durga Pooja celebrated in Kolkata (Calcutta)?
history & culture
asked by iXiGOers Sun, 09 Dec 2012
There  is no better time to experience Kolkata than be a part of its Durga Pooja festivities! Celebrations which have grown ...more
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