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Questions about patna

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There are many places in Patna where you can find these amazing Madhubani paintings. I frequently visit the "Bihar Emporium" at Maurya Lok Shopping Com ...more
The air distance between the two cities is 851.6 km to be exact. Land transport would be 1042.5 km. Hope this helps.  ...more
Ha ha ha the best question so far! You don't have to go far in Bihar to find a litti chokha shop. However in Patna, its not that ...more
What is unique about Sonepur Mela held in Patna?
unique experiences
asked by iXiGOers Wed, 20 Feb 2013
Some of the unique features of the Sonepur Mela are;This is the place where the freedom fighter Veer Kunwar Singh started to recruit volunteers to help him in the mo ...more
What is the history behind Golghar, Patna?
history & culture
asked by iXiGOers Fri, 08 Mar 2013
I have always been fascinated by this piece of colonial architecture. In fact, its a building to marvel upon - no pillars to support the building with a spiral ...more
Very good question but a difficult one to answer. Patna although being the capital, I have never found any good places for kids. However there are some great attractions ...more
You are right, Jalan Museum is a free but a private one. They have large number of artefacts and collections from the Mughal period. You just have to phone th ...more
PhulwarI Sharif is a small town in Bihar and the best way to experience some of the places in this town would be by none other than the humble rickshaw. ...more
Choose from this list of 10 popular hotels in Patna and enjoy a comfortable stay in the fastest growing metropolis! Patna is the next big city to look out for ...more
When is the best time to visit Patna?
local info
asked by iXiGOers Fri, 08 Mar 2013
Any time. From a personal point of view who was born and bred in Patna, I found the months of November to March the most comfortable. These would be the best time ...more
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