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How much distance is Paradise beach from Pondicherry?
places to visit
asked by Anenth Guru Mon, 11 Feb 2013
To Chunnambar from Pondy Railway station: 8 km on the Cuddalore Road southwards. From Chunnambar to Paradise Beach - 1/2 hr on water by ferry. More about the place on ...more
Which are the popular places for sightseeing in Pondicherry?
places to visit
asked by iXiGOers Sun, 09 Dec 2012
With an infectious appetite for art and music, Pondicherry is a vibrant crossroad, celebrating itself and life round the clock. Quiet, intimate streets and medieval a ...more
Which are the popular mid-budget hotels in Pondicherry?
asked by iXiGOers Sun, 09 Dec 2012
Yin and yang, heart and mind, brain and brawn- when everything in life is balance, perfection surrounds us on all sides. And what can be more perfect than ...more
What are the most romantic restaurants in Pondicherry?
asked by Shashi Rajput Sun, 09 Jun 2013
From the most amazing coastal cuisine to simple South Indian food, when it comes to dining out Pondicherry has a lot to offer as the restaurants and cafes here se ...more
Which are the popular local food items of Pondicherry?
asked by iXiGOers Sun, 09 Dec 2012
In addition to their architectural and linguistic imprint, where else do you think the French left their mark? Yes, it is in the culinary del ...more
Where can I exchange currency in Pondicherry?
local info
asked by iXiGOers Sun, 09 Dec 2012
To get a Foreign Currency in Pondicherry you can visit banks or local dealers but when compare to Forex aggregators, rates will be always higher in Banks so it is best o ...more
Where can I learn meditation and yoga in Pondicherry?
places to visit
asked by iXiGOers Sun, 09 Dec 2012
Home to two of the greatest minds and spiritual leaders of the 20th century; Sri Aurobindo and Mother, the Ashram is where Integral Yoga came into being an ...more
Which are the famous things to see and do in Pondicherry?
places to visit
asked by Anupriya Bedi Thu, 03 Apr 2014
Life is slow, almost staid in Pondicherry. But the slow pace has its charm, making it a popular destination among tourists. Home to the serene Auroville, there are ...more
Which are the best hotels in Pondicherry?
places to visit
asked by Debangana Sen Thu, 28 Aug 2014
Pondicherry is a city which is replete with palm-fringed virgin beaches, boulevards, spiritual centres and small fishing villages. The best hotels in Pondicherry off ...more
What are the top 10 reasons to visit Pondicherry?
asked by Monisha Jaswal Tue, 04 Nov 2014
Planning a trip to Pondicherry this winter? Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Pondicherry. Li ...more
Which are the popular outdoor activities in Pondicherry?
places to visit
asked by iXiGOers Sun, 09 Dec 2012
Former settling grounds of the French, Pondicherry is today invaded by thousands of visitors. Whether you are seeking an escape from your vacation getaway ...more
Which are the popular festivals and events hosted in Pondicherry?
places to visit
asked by iXiGOers Sun, 09 Dec 2012
Festivals are a flamboyant and yearly affair in Pondicherry. With a multicultural society you can expect no less than actual pomp and show during festivals. ...more
Hey .. checkout temple adventure in pondicherry. It is the only place where you can do scuba diving in pondicherry. Visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/45742149296 ...more
How much would it cost per person and a child for a trip to Pondicherry?
local info
asked by Kanupriya Singh Thu, 01 Aug 2013
The budget for a trip to Pondicherry would depend a lot on your preferred mode of transportation and the accommodation you select. If the distance is less then reachi ...more
How can I book a train's ticket from Kannur to Pondicherry ?
asked by Vijayan Balakrishnan Mon, 06 Jan 2014
You can book a ticket for Pondicherry from the train page. Photo of Indian Railways (by Mikhail Esteves) Check Train availability 6 days prior and post the des ...more
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