Relaxing Get away to Goa with Volvo

2 days, 1 night
Want a hassle-free vacation in Goa city? Opt for Relaxing Get Away To Goa With Volvo tour package to have the best of both worlds.
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Relaxing Get Away To Goa With Volvo package offers comfortable accommodation in a good hotel. The 2-day and 1-night package is customisable where the number of days and nights can be adjusted given your needs.


The Relaxing Get Away To Goa With Volvo tour package is a good value for money package starting at INR 3999.00. You get complimentary tea included in the package. Breakfast and dinner can be added in the package at a nominal price.

Places to Visit

Do your homework well and create an itinerary of all the places to visit in Goa city. Don't forget to explore some of the main attractions including Naval Aviation Museum, Rachol Seminary And Church and Sao Antonio Island.

Things to do

From Parasailing At Mobor to Water Skiing At Mobor, there are a lot of activities in which you can indulge in.

Places to eat

To savour the best of local delights and continental food, do pay a visit to the famous Goa. A no. of food outlets and street food joints are dotted all across this street.

Final verdict

Go for a beach party in Goa. Take your family out for the vacation of a lifetime in Goa city!