Much Alluring Road Trips To Take This Monsoon

The monsoons are here! Sizzling pakoras, hot piping chai, and a long drive with your loved ones is all what you look forward to at this time of the year. You can never get enough of the rainy season if you are a pluviophile (the one who loves rainy days). If you don’t wish to take your car along, you always have the the choice to opt for Myles-the self drive car rental service!

Here are some alluring road trips in monsoons that you can take across India:

Chandigarh to Kasauli

One of the favourite road trips for North Indians is from Chandigarh to Kasauli. A summer’s retreat, Himalayan Express Highway is a gateway to hills from Chandigarh. The exotic 27.5 km stretch cuts through Shivalik ranges and is truly what we call ‘Highway to Hills’. The feel of the misty breeze going through your hair and embracing your skin is delightful.

Road condition: Excellent
Route: Zirakpur-Pinjore-Parwanoo-Dharampur-Kasauli
Distance: 58 km
Recommended halt: Timber Trail in Parwanoo

By Harvarinder Singh

By Harvarinder Singh

Pune to Igatpuri

The misty drive from Pune to Igatpuri is a ‘Highway Paradise’. Malshej Ghat on the way offers a picturesque view of the splendid valleys and crystal clear lakes. It is one of the majestic monsoon holidays in the Western Ghats. By the way, Igatpuri is cooler than Khandala all year around.

Road condition: Very Good
Route: Pune-Malshej-Igatpuri
Distance: 242 km.
Recommended Halt: Have a tryst with nature at Malshej Ghat.

Malshej ghat_I am proud to be indian

Bangalore to Horsley Hills

About 4 hours drive from Bangalore, Horsley Hills are what you can call Andhra’s Ooty. The view from the eminent Horsley Hills is simply breathtaking. Named after a British Governor, Horsley Hills are an amazing weekend getaway from Bangalore. The highway is flanked with lush greenery and looks spectacular in the rainy season.


Road Condition: Very Good
Route: Bangalore-Hoskote-Chintamani-Madanapalle-Horsley Hills
Distance: 144 km
Recommended Halt: Animal Complex if you want to enjoy the fauna along with flora



Ahmedabad to Mount Abu

If you are a biker, then this road trip should definitely be on your bucket list. The route, from Ahmedabad to Mount Abu, is a treat for all the riders. The road is smooth as silk and passing through a tunnel for reaching Mount Abu is mesmerising. You must take this fun-filled road trip with your friends.

Road Condition: Very Good
Route: Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar-Mehsana-Patan-Palanpur-Mount Abu
Distance: 225 km

By Prasim Nandy

By Prasim Nandy

Puri to Konark

The road from Puri that leads to Konark is most famous for its spiritual standpoint. The road is lined with beautiful trees and looks like a dreamy aisle in monsoons. The Konark Sun Temple looks even more exotic during rains.

Road Condition: Very Good
Route: Puri-Konark Marine Drive
Distance: 36 km

Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

Araku Valley in the Eastern Ghats is an enchanting valley inhabited by different tribes. The road from Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley looks like a scenery straight out of the canvas. There are even small, beautiful villages by the road adding rustic charm to the course.

Road Condition: Excellent
Route: Visakhapatnam-Kothavalasa-Lakkavarapu Kota-Bowdara-Araku
Distance: 114 km

Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

Raipur to Chitrakoot Falls

The horseshoe-shaped Chitrakoot Falls gets humongous in monsoons and is also referred to as the Niagara Falls of India. The overwhelming beauty of these falls is an ecstatic treat to the soul. Chitrakoot Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India.  A road trip from Raipur to Chitrakoot Falls is filled with awe-inspiring views.

Road Condition: Good
Distance: 335 km
Route: Raipur-Charama-Birgaon-Bastar-Jagdalpur-Chitrakote
Recommended Halt: Tirathgarh Waterfalls, another spectacular fall in Bastar.


Jodhpur to Udaipur

The road from the Blue City Jodhpur leads all the way to the city of lakes Udaipur. The highway goes through the rocky Aravalli ranges that make the ride on the highway adventuresome and rugged, especially in the monsoons. Go straight to the Monsoon Palace in Udaipur as soon as you arrive.


Road condition: Good
Route: Jodhpur-Luni-Pali-Ranakpur-Udaipur
Distance: 258 km
Recommended Halt: Enchanting Jain Temple at Ranakpur

Jodhpur-Ride around Inida

Driving on the highway in the monsoons is altogether a different feel. The flora and fauna are in the full bloom. Then, why not enjoy the weather by having such alluring 
road trips in monsoon?