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Etti Bali Jul 22 2015

Sandwiches from around the world

Kanika Nevatia Jul 22 2015
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Are you a big foodie? Check out these sandwiches from around the world and try resisting those hunger pangs. There is no way your mouth won't water!

Vada Pav, India

Our very own desi sandwich, the ever so famous vada pav is made by sandwiching a batata vada (potato fritter) between a pav (bun) along with a special spicy masala. A hot favourite in the city of Mumbai, you will find street stalls selling them at every nook and corner of the city. Now available all over the country, if you haven't had one yet, you must try it soon!

Vada Pav

Doner Kebab, Turkey

Planning a trip to Turkey? Make sure you try out a Doner Kebab sandwich, which is an authentic Turkish sandwich filled with meat (lamb, beef or chicken) that is cooked on a vertical rotisserie. This is a common fast food dish available all over the Middle-East. It is also often filled with tomatoes, onions with sumac, pickles and chilli.

Doner Kebab

Chacarero, Chile

Chacarero is a well known Chilean sandwich made with various styles of thinly sliced pork or steak cooked on a round roller. Other fillings in the sandwich include tomatoes, chilli pepper and green beans. This sandwich also featured in Times Magazine’s listing of "The 13 Most Amazing Sandwiches the World Has to Offer".

Chacarero (by scaredy_cat)

Francesinha, Portugal

The literal meaning of the word Francesinha is Little Frenchie. Originally from Porto city, this sandwich consists of two pieces of bread filled with wet-cured ham, fresh sausages, steak, roasted meat and then covered with melted cheese along with some hot and thick sauce made of tomato and beer. It is generally served with french fries.


Panini, Italy

Meaning small bread or bread roll, Panini or panino is a grilled sandwich made of non-sliced bread. Commonly used breads include ciabatta, michetta or baguette. The sandwich contains various filings, with the most common being cheese, salami, ham, tomatoes and much more. There are special panini presses available in the market for grilling these sandwiches. This sandwich has become a favorite all around the world.


Medianoche, Cuba

Medianoche, which means midnight in Spanish, is Cuban by origin, but also a very popular bar snack in the United States. It is made of ham, pork, Swiss cheese, dill pickles and mustard sandwiched between soft and sweet egg dough bread. It is typically heated in a press before it is served. Truly a delight to eat, this is one of the most famous sandwiches from around the world.

Medianoche (by Moebiusuibeom-en)

Gatsby, South Africa

Originating in South Africa, Gatsby is quintessentially a footlong sandwich which is generally divided into two or four portions before being sold. The choice of fillings widely vary in this kind of a sandwich. However, one element that remains a constant is hot chips (French fries with vinegar). Other fillings include steak, fish, eggs, sausages, chicken and various vegetables.


Banh Mi Sandwich, Vietnam

Banh Mi is a popular Vietnamese delicacy which consists of various fillings sandwiched between what could be called the Vietnamese version of a baguette. The most common fillings include ingredients such as cilantro, cucumber, jalapeño, pickled carrots and daikon. Many Vietnamese cold cuts such as pork belly and pork sausage are also used.

Banh Mi (by Nsaum75)

Jambon Beurre, France

If you are travelling to France, then Jambon Beurre is a sandwich not to be missed. This sandwich is actually a ham and pork sandwich prepared by filling an authentic French Baguette with spreadable butter and slices of cooked pork ham. Often, other accompaniments such as pickles are also added. This sandwich is typically consumed for breakfast or as a snack.

Jambon Beurre (by jules:stonesoup)

Roti John, Malaysia

If you plan on visiting Malaysia anytime soon then make sure to feast on this delectable breakfast favourite! Quintessentially an open omelette sandwich, a Roti John is generally made on a sliced baguette which is topped and grilled with ingredients such as minced meat, onion, eggs and tomato-chilli sauce.

Roti John

These are just 10 of the most delicious sandwiches from around the world. Leave a comment and add to the list. Let us know about your favourites!
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