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Nimesh Sharma
Nimesh Sharma
Dry and boring place in Summers
26 Jun 2014
If you are visiting this 800 sq km. place in summer season, you are not likely to find many animals, leave apart a tiger. Its not very well maintained even though its a official Tiger Reserve. In monsoon, it could be a happening place, with lots of greenery. Though the official safari is for few kms only, you'll witness quite a few animals which won't excite you too much. (even though I am an animal enthusiast). Its a different matter if you are staying in Sariska resort, otherwise, coming to Sariska from a far away place just for seeing tigers/ other animals in Summers is not worth it.
Saugat Mahapatra
Saugat Mahapatra
04 Jun 2013
on a monday and saturday you are allowed to travel inside the reserve in your own car / bike but you have to stick to on road. Off roading will get you a fine

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