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Debangana Sen Sep 04 2014

Which are the seasonal fruits in India?

Benazir Khan Sep 04 2014
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Here is a list of some of the most delicious seasonal fruits in India. Several of these fruits are available in the local markets all year round. However, the best produce is available during a particular season of the year.


In India, strawberries are widely grown in the Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar belt. There are several farms here, which grow strawberries and a wide range of other fruits of the berry family -- mulberries, raspberries and blueberries. A popular touristy activity here is strawberry picking, which mostly takes place between December to February -- the ideal plucking period for this fruit.

Strawberries (from roseannadana)

Mapro Garden in Panchgani is a famous place for growing strawberries and production of strawberry based products like jams, squash beverages, jellies, fruit crush concentrates etc. You can also sample their merchandise before making a purchase. There are also several farm stays close to Mahabaleshwar which are situated amidst strawberry farms.


It is mainly grown in Bihar, where the cultivation of the fruit is an important means of livelihood for several local farmers. It is one of the most awaited fruits during the summer season. India is the second largest producer of this popular fruit. There are special tours which are undertaken by the Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation where tourists are taken to the litchi orchards.

Lychee (by Asit K. Ghosh Thaumaturgist)

In these tours, tourists are mainly taken to Mehsi, where the litchi orchards are located. They are allowed to pick the fruits from the trees and savour them. Visitors can also purchase these tropical goodies to take back home. There are several village walks from here, where one can explore more litchi cultivations.


Mangoes are the most popular fruit in the country. There are several popular varieties of mangoes in India which are widely grown in different parts of India. Ratnagiri is particularly famous for a variety of mango known as ‘Hapus mangoes,’ which is the most expensive variety in the country. Mangoes are summer fruits. The ideal mango season is between the end of March to the first week of August. Popular varieties of mangoes include Alfonso, Himsagar, Dasheri, Langda, etc.

Mangoes (by PL Tandon)

The international mango festival is held every year in Delhi. Other popular mango festivals are held in Chandigarh, Ratnagiri, Pinjore and Bangalore, some of the famous cities in India. A variety of mango-centered activities like mango tasting, mango treasure hunts, etc. are held here. These festivals draw in a wide number of tourists from all parts of the country and abroad. One can buy a wide variety of mangoes and mango-based products here.


In India, oranges are primarily grown in the city of Nagpur. Some of the popular varieties of oranges grown in India include - Mandarin Orange, Acid Lime and Sweet Orange. However, the Nagpur Santra (a type of Mandarin orange) is one of the best varieties of oranges in the world.

Oranges (from wikimedia commons)

An orange festival is held every year in Nagpur, which sports huge installations and displays, all of which are made of oranges. The Nagpur oranges bloom twice a year, and yield fruits from the month of November till late March.

Cashew nuts

Goa is famed for its cashew nuts, and its cashew industry is the second largest industry in the state after tourism. Though the ideal season starts from the last week of March till the first week of April, cashews are available all year round because of the huge demand. There are several vendors in flea markets in Goa, like Anjuna Beach Flea Market, Mapusa Market, as well as bigger stores which sell cashew nuts. These are sold plain, salted or flavoured, and are quite a hit among tourists who come to this beach destination.

Cashew nuts (by Marcio Cabral de Moura)

The Goa Tourism Board organizes a ‘Coconut and Cashew Festival’ around May. Here, several activities are centered around cashew nuts, like cookery shows, cocktail demonstrations etc. There are several displays of various cashew products as well as a demonstration of making ‘Feni’-- the famous local beverage of Goa, made from coconuts and/or cashews. This definitely is one of the best seasonal fruits in India.


There are several varieties of grapes grown in the country -- green grapes and black grapes are the most popular types. Grape season lasts from January till October. Nashik is the biggest supplier of grapes in the country.

Grapes (by Tomas Castelazo)

The city of Nashik, also known as the ‘wine capital of India,’ has several vineyards and orchards -- the most famous being, the Sula Vineyards. Wine connoisseurs can take a tour to explore India’s very own Napa Valley and can even opt for a vineyard stay! The vineyard tours and the winery tours are usually concluded with wine tasting. The most famous vineyards in Nashik lie between Igatpuri and Dindori regions. Take a Mumbai to Nashik cab and arrive here for an amazing wine-tasting experience.


The city of Allahabad is extremely famous for producing a wide variety of guavas. Owing to this fact, it is often referred to as the ‘city of green gold.’ Allahabadi Safeda, Surkha, Sangam and Lalit are some of the most popular varieties of guavas that one can find here. The Surkha variety stands out due to its reddish exterior and pink flesh. It is typical to the city and is available during the monsoon and autumn months, i.e. from August to October. Guavas are undoubtedly one of the best seasonal fruits in India.

Guavas (by Rajesh Dangi)

In lieu of agri-tourism efforts to encourage tourists to watch the blooms and the fruit laden trees, several orchard owners conduct day tours for visitors and provide accommodation options as well.


Pineapples are vastly grown in Bidhannagar and Siliguri. Other major producers of pineapple include Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and West Bengal, some famous states of India. Manipuri pineapple, produced in the vast tracts of Imphal, is very popular for its heavenly taste. A Pineapple Fair-cum-Youth-Festival is held annually to celebrate the fruit. The prime season of the fruit is from July to September.

Pineapples (by CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture)

The festival displays a plethora of varieties of the fruit and showcases a wide variety of cultural programs. There are about a 100 different troupes which perform at the festival, highlighting the local culture and tradition of Manipur.


The pristine hill station of Kinnaur is known for its beautiful apple orchards and lush green meadows. Kinnauri apples are renowned for their luscious red colour and sweetness. They are the best quality apples in the country. The ideal season when these apples are plucked is between October and November.

Apples (by kevinthoule)

There are several hotels, resorts and village homestays in Kalpa village, the main village of Kinnaur, that are located in the midst of apple orchards. They are normally located at a higher altitude and give magnificent views of the apple orchards below. The Monk Resort Kalpa and The Golden Apple Kalpa are the best accommodation options here.


Jalgaon is also known as the ‘banana city’ or the ‘banana capital of India.’ It is a popular tourist destination owing to it’s proximity to the Ajanta Caves, which is about 60 kms away. The Basrai bananas are specially famous in this region.

Bananas (by Carlos Sottovia)

There are several banana festivals that are held in other parts of the country. Banana festivals held in Tamil Nadu focus on the growth of banana production. In Coimbatore and Chennai, they have a wide array of stalls with displays of several varieties of the fruit. Scrumptious banana based juices and snacks are also sold here.

Seasonal fruits in India listed here are must try if you are travelling to any of the places mentioned here. They will simply add to your travel experiences. Do share and comment.

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