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Alexander Charles
Alexander Charles
Thane :)
25 Jun 2014
Relevantly enlivened with the sobriquet 'Lake City', Thane has about 30 lakes in and around its region. Otherwise called Mumbai's senior sister and a piece of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, the spot is an advantageous close-by getaway for Mumbaikars and anybody going by Mumbai. Flanked by slopes and sprawling over Mumbai's north eastern suburbs, Thane has a somewhat cooler and invigorating atmosphere than Mumbai. Of the various lakes here, Lake Masunda tallies amongst the most pleasant ones. Thane is additionally acclaimed for the tranquil Yeoor Hills, which is home to the Mama Bhanja sanctuary. Loaded with rich fauna, the spot likewise brags of having Asia's most elevated puma thickness. Alongside common and noteworthy attractions, Thane is additionally known for event congregations and astonishing shopping areas. Thane is a city in Maharashtra, India, at the leader of the Thane Creek.thane goes under Mumbai Metropolitan Region and additionally the vicinity with Mumbai has made it socially a piece of it.thane city, in that capacity, is all the more a private city than a modern one.for Eating Facilities, Thane has an assemblage of quick nourishment and fine-eat restaurants coddling nearby and worldwide tastes.
Tufail Shafif
Tufail Shafif
best city in central zone of Mumbai
19 Jun 2014
Thane is a city in Maharashtra, India, at the head of the Thane Creek.Thane comes under Mumbai Metropolitan Region and also the proximity with Mumbai has made it culturally a part of it.Thane city, as such, is more of a residential city than an industrial one.For Eating Facilities, Thane has a host of fast-food and fine-dine restaurants catering to local as well as global tastes.

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