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Panki Sood-Tirthan Ghnp
Panki Sood-Tirthan Ghnp
Paradise rediscovered
02 Jul 2014
Tirthan Valley - The clean gushing tirthan comes all the way from Tirath in Great Himalayan National Park . Tirthan Valley is situated along tirthan river and drives it name from this River . The crystal clear green water , chirping birds , local food and Home stays make this valley very special for nature lovers . The valley is only for people who love to see raw nature and please do not expect any luxuries here . The few good home stays in Valley are 1. Khem Bharti Homestay 2. River side 3. Trishla river side 4. Prabhat Homestay 5. Tirath View 6. Raju bharti homestay For more details you can call 08894000613
Kumar Singh
Kumar Singh
27 Jun 2014
visited tirthan valley this year in may 2014 with my family... as usual it was always on mind to travel to tirthan...finally got reservation done at riverside resort, had gala time, river was crystal clear , we spent most of time sitting near was very good. thanks to riverside team for making our trip so good.....will surely come to this place in near future
Navneet Kumar
Navneet Kumar
25 Jun 2014
Tirthan is the most beautiful place on the Shimla Manali route. The place is unexplored by many and far away from the tourist crowd. It feels like you are traveling into the heart of Mother nature. The drive to Tirthan is very pleasant with the Greater Himalyas surrounding You from all sides. It makes you forget all the worries in the world. The Tirthan river flows with all its grace across the valley. We stayed in Gushaini for 2 days. People interested in trekking can go to the Great Himalayan National Park and trek there for a day or a number of days. There is also a waterfall 5 kilometres from Gushaini. The trek to the waterfall takes around 30 minutes. The locals were very helpful. They accompanied us to the Waterfall and brought us back. Time literally stops when you are at the Waterfall. It is such an enjoyable experience. Experience of a lifetime!

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