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Jigyasha Prasad Feb 27 2015

Top 10 hidden gems in India

Kanan Budhiraja Feb 27 2015
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Think floating islands, hanging pillars and vanishing beaches? These top 10 hidden gems in India include these and much more. Read on.

1. Hide-and-seek Beach in Orissa

A beach that vanishes right in front of your eyes? Fascinating, right?! The Chandipur Beach in Orissa offers one such captivating sight where the sea water recedes about 5 km during low tide and returns to the shore with the high tide.

Image by Psubhashish

2. Heart-Shaped Lake of Chembra

Planning to propose your better-half? The beautiful site of a heart-shaped lake at the Chembra Peak in Wayanad offers just the place for it. Trek up the Chembra Peak that is a part of the Meppadi Forest Range and witness the gorgeous site of a heart-shaped perennial lake.

Image by Tanuja R Y

3. Floating Stones of the Ram Setu Bridge

The Ram Setu Bridge is believed to have been built under the supervision of Lord Rama about 1.75 million years ago. The unusual thing about the bridge is that it is believed to have been built by floating stones and the bridge can still be seen since the water here isn’t too deep. You can find these floating stones at Rameshwaram even today.

Image by Planemad

4. Mass Bird Suicide at Jatinga

A quiet place in Assam, Jatinga village is famous for its mass bird suicides that occurs on a specific 1 mile by 600 feet strip of land. What’s unusual is that these birds, mostly migratory, plummet to their death exactly between 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM on moonless nights from September to October.

Image by János Balázs

5. The Lost City of Dhanushkodi

Once a flourishing town about 30 km away from Sri Lanka, today Dhanushkodi is a ghost town. The cyclone of 1964 killed 1800 people in the town and the government declared it unfit for living. Today, you can only see a few fisherman on the beaches and ruins in this town.

Image by File Upload Bot (Magnus Manske)

6. The Great Banyan Tree in Kolkata

What is so fascinating about a banyan tree, right? This one spreads across almost 4 acres! Over 250 years old, the 3600 aerial roots of the tree give it the appearance of an entire forest. Located in the Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden near Kolkata, this is the widest tree in the world.

Image by Biswarup Ganguly

7. The Do-Not-Touch village of Malana

Believed to be the oldest democracy of the world, the village of Malana in Himachal Pradesh follows its own law. The inhabitants of the village claim to be the pure blood descendants of Alexander’s Greek army and refuse to have any physical contact with outsiders. Enter the village and you can see signs indicating where you can walk and what you can touch!

Image by hermesmarana

8. Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi

The most unusual thing in this small town in Andhra Pradesh is a hanging pillar that is attached to the ceiling but not the floor. You can easily slide a paper, a thin towel or a piece of cloth under the pillar. A rare sight in the world, this pillar had to be one our list of top 10 hidden gems in India.

Image by Maheshkhanna

9. Pet Cobras of the Sholapur District

The ‘land of snake charmers’ has taken things a bit further. The Shetpal Village in the Sholapur District of Maharashtra is known for the pet cobras slithering about in every house. The villagers firmly worship these reptiles and consider them sacred. What’s most unusual--there hasn’t been a single case of snake bite reported in the area.

Image by Gopal Venkatesan

10. The Jurassic Fossils of Balasinor

A dinosaur hatchery in India? Just 86 km off the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, paleontologists uncovered fossils of about 10,000 dinosaur eggs making Balasinor the third largest dinosaur hatchery in the world. What’s better you ask--this is the only place in the world that allows you to touch the fossils! A must-visit!

Image by Mgiganteus

While these top 10 hidden gems in India are unusual, the country holds many more mysterious and fascinating sights. If you know of any such places or things, please comment below and let us know!

Ajay Dayal Mar 09 2015
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good info, can u provide more on himachal
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