Train Seat Availability

Whenever it’s travel time, everyone seems to go in an overdrive for finding out train seat availability. Well, it’s hardly surprising considering the fact that the majority of the population still prefers to travel by train and Indian Railways throws open its ticket booking service as much as four months before the date of journey. So, to beat the crowds, it’s best to book your ticket as early as possible. However, booking tickets in advance is a good option only if you are sure about your travel plans. For many travellers, this is often not the case. In such a scenario, it’s a big hassle to wade through large crowds at ticket reservation counters, just for the sake of tracking the status of train enquiry seat availability.

Online Train Seat Availability

Thankfully, the Internet has done away with this grind. There are numerous websites that provide quick and accurate information on train seat availability. The best part is that you can even go ahead and book your tickets through such websites by making an online payment using your Credit Card or even Debit Card.

Online Information on Indian Railways Inquiry Seat Availability

One of the biggest concerns of train travellers is knowing about the availability of trains on their route. With the feature of IRCTC availability of trains, one can easily check for any train in Indian Railways and book their tickets online. Some of the good online resources concerning IRCTC train seat availability are:

How to Check Train Seat Availability

One of the simplest ways of knowing about seat availability in train is to log on to after creating your user ID and password. You will have to follow some very simple and self descriptive steps for getting the required information. The first page that you come to will ask for basic information such as your dates of journey, the station from which you wish to board the train and the station where you will get down. In short, your source station name and destination station name. Following these steps by providing the required inputs will help you get train berth availability information. You can even choose any of the available existing routes or trains and your class of travel according to your budget. The net result is that you get to know the Indian railway inquiry seat availability.