Kannauj railway station

Kannauj railway station

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train no. train name from to
51823 Running Status Ald Fbd Passenger Prayagraj Jn. Farrukhabad
51824 Running Status Fbd Ald Passenger Farrukhabad Prayagraj Jn.
09669 Running Status INAUGL HUMSAFAR Udaipur City Patliputra
09670 Running Status HUMSAFAR EXPRESS Patliputra Udaipur City
82925 Running Status Gkp Suvidha Spl Bandra Terminus Gorakhpur Jn
82926 Running Status Gkp Bdts Suvidha Gorakhpur Jn Bandra Terminus
82910 Running Status GKP BDTS SUVIDHA Gorakhpur Jn Bandra Terminus
09522 Running Status Spj Rjt Spl Somnath Rajkot Jn
09521 Running Status Rjt Spj Spl Rajkot Jn Somnath
09429 Running Status Adi Mfp Spl Anand Jn Khambhat
04136 Running Status Mtj Pryj Sup Spl Farrukhabad Kanpur Anwrganj
19022 Running Status Ljn Bdts Exp Lucknow Ne Bandra Terminus
14151 Running Status Cnb Anvt Exp Kanpur Central Anand Vihar Trm
19716 Running Status Ljn Jp Exp Lucknow Ne Jaipur
13168 Running Status Agc Koaa Exp Agra Cantt Kolkata
19669 Running Status Ppta Humsafar Udaipur City Patliputra
14152 Running Status Anvt Cnb Exp Anand Vihar Trm Kanpur Central
19670 Running Status Humsafar Express Patliputra Udaipur City
04135 Running Status Pryj Mtj Sup Spl Kanpur Anwrganj Farrukhabad
22444 Running Status Bdts Kanpur Exp Bandra Terminus Kanpur Central
19401 Running Status Adi Lucknow Exp Ahmedabad Jn Lucknow Nr
19021 Running Status Bdts Ljn Express Bandra Terminus Lucknow Ne
19410 Running Status Gkp Adi Exp Gorakhpur Jn Ahmedabad Jn
19715 Running Status Jp Ljn Exp Jaipur Lucknow Ne
22443 Running Status Cnb Bdts Sf Kanpur Central Bandra Terminus
22531 Running Status Cpr Mtj S F Exp Chhapra Mathura Jn
18191 Running Status Utsarg Exp Chhapra Farrukhabad
14723 Running Status Kalindi Express Kanpur Central Bhiwani
05083 Running Status Cpr Fbd Spl Chhapra Farrukhabad
05117 Running Status Cpr Mtj Sf Spl Chhapra Mathura Jn
09410 Running Status Gkp Adi Exp Spl Gorakhpur Jn Ahmedabad Jn
09021 Running Status Bdts Ljn Spl Bandra Terminus Lucknow Ne
05118 Running Status Mtj Cpr Sf Spl Mathura Jn Chhapra
05038 Running Status Ksj Cpa Special Kasganj Kanpur Anwrganj
09022 Running Status Ljn Bdts Sf Spl Lucknow Ne Bandra Terminus
05040 Running Status Cpa Ksj Special Kasganj Kanpur Anwrganj
04162 Running Status Anvt Cnb Spl Anand Vihar Trm Kanpur Central
04161 Running Status Cnb Anvt Spl Kanpur Central Anand Vihar Trm
19409 Running Status Gorakhpur Exp Ahmedabad Jn Gorakhpur Jn
02244 Running Status Bdts Kanpur Spl Bandra Terminus Kanpur Central
13167 Running Status Koaa Agc Express Kolkata Agra Cantt
05037 Running Status Cpa Ksj Special Kanpur Anwrganj Kasganj
04724 Running Status Kalindi Exp Spl Bhiwani Kanpur Central
19402 Running Status Lko Adi Exp Lucknow Nr Ahmedabad Jn
18192 Running Status Utsarg Exp Farrukhabad Chhapra
55328 Running Status Fbd Cnb Passenger Farrukhabad Kanpur Anwrganj
55327 Running Status Cnb Fbd Passenger Kanpur Anwrganj Farrukhabad
55326 Running Status Ksj Lko Passenger Kasganj Lucknow Ne
55325 Running Status Ljn Ksj Passenger Lucknow Ne Kasganj
05084 Running Status Fbd Cpr Spl Farrukhabad Chhapra
54156 Running Status Cnb Mkp Passenger Farrukhabad Kanpur Central
54155 Running Status Cnb Fbd Passenger Kanpur Central Farrukhabad
54158 Running Status Fbd Cnb Passenger Farrukhabad Kanpur Anwrganj
54157 Running Status Cnb Fbd Passenger Kanpur Anwrganj Farrukhabad
05379 Running Status Lucknow Jn. - Kasganj Special Lucknow Ne Kasganj
05380 Running Status Kasganj - Lucknow Jn. Special Kasganj Lucknow Ne
05343 Running Status Kanpur Anwarganj - Farrukhabad Express Special Kanpur Anwrganj Farrukhabad
05344 Running Status Farrukhabad - Kanpur Anwarganj Express Special Farrukhabad Kanpur Anwrganj
15038 Running Status Ksj-Cnb Exp Kasganj Kanpur Anwrganj
15037 Running Status Cnb-Ksj Exp Kanpur Anwrganj Kasganj
02243 Running Status CNB BDTS SF SPL Kanpur Central Bandra Terminus
14724 Running Status Kalindi Express Bhiwani Kanpur Central
09412 Running Status Lko Adi Spl Lucknow Nr Ahmedabad Jn
09409 Running Status Adi Gkp Special Ahmedabad Jn Gorakhpur Jn
05302 Running Status Bdts Gkp Spl Valsad Gorakhpur Jn
09411 Running Status Adi Lko Exp Spl Ahmedabad Jn Lucknow Nr
22532 Running Status Mtj Cpr Sf Exp Mathura Jn Chhapra
03167 Running Status Koaa Agc Exp Spl Kolkata Agra Cantt
05039 Running Status Cpa Ksj Special Kanpur Anwrganj Kasganj
05301 Running Status Bl Festival Spl Gorakhpur Jn Valsad
09716 Running Status Gtnr Jp Spl Gomati Nagar Jaipur
04723 Running Status Kalindi Exp Spl Kanpur Central Bhiwani
03168 Running Status Agc Koaa Exp Spl Agra Cantt Kolkata
09715 Running Status Jp Gtnr Spl Jaipur Gomati Nagar

Rating and reviews of Kannauj

reviewed on Sep 16 2022
nice looking and saftay nice and water not wast
reviewed on Sep 14 2022
nothing is better very let Tarin
reviewed on Sep 10 2022
safety is tight and clean
reviewed on Sep 09 2022
always very least train y personal experience
reviewed on Sep 06 2022
reviewed on Sep 05 2022
mast hai kya bat hai 😂 I love my India
reviewed on Sep 04 2022
ट्रेन में खाना ,पानी आदि कुछ मिला ही नही
reviewed on Aug 29 2022
reviewed on Aug 17 2022
too good many more happy returns of the day
reviewed on Aug 07 2022
Find out the list of trains that arrive at Kannauj railway station. Get information for all trains passing through Kannauj - Arrival, Departure, Train Number, Stops, Stoppage time, Platform Number, and Timings. Some of the trains that arrive at Kannauj railway station are 51823 ALD FBD PASSENGER, 51824 FBD ALD PASSENGER, 09669 INAUGL HUMSAFAR and 09670 HUMSAFAR EXPRESS. When you click on a train name or number, you get the complete schedule of that train. you can also check the live train running status of all the trains arriving or departing from Kannauj railway station. Search for trains to other train stations Use the complete train list for Kannauj to find seat availability on different trains. Use our cutting-edge PNR Status Prediction feature to know about your chances of confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket.