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ixigoers May 13 2014

Travel Hacks for Engineers

Vaishali Singh May 13 2014
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Engineers are known for their methodical and rational approach to problems. Here are the hacks for those who love science!

1. Toothpaste tube spills, no more!

Photo by Scott Ethart

Squeeze out pea-sized amounts of toothpaste on a clean surface and sprinkle with baking soda. It'll dry up into small pellets, and you can store it in any small container and when you need it, just place it on the toothbrush and run it under water!

2. Crumpled shirts fix!

Photo of wrinkled shirt by peapod labs

When your lucky shirt is all wrinkled just before you want to pack, toss it into the drier with a couple of ice cubes! It comes out wrinkle free and ready to pack!

3. Shiny shoe woe

Photo of shoe by Rainer Ersfeld

You would want to look your shoes like that for the meeting, but did someone manage to make them dirty at the airport? No worries. Just take a bit of your hotel moisturizer and rub in on the shoe, and wipe clean with a tissue for a spotless shine!

4. Storing toiletries

Image courtesy moononaleash.blogspot.com

Squeeze small amounts of your liquid toiletries into tubes and seal them with heat. Spill proof and occupy no space in the bag!

5. Dryer Sheets

Via wikimedia commons
Slip in a few dryer sheets between your clothing to take away any foul smells. Yes, you're welcome.

6. Tangle Free Wires

Photo of Binder Clips by Prosavage2600

Nobody likes earphone or USB wire tangles. Introducing the binder clips : just slip the USB or earbuds through the bigger loops, and wrap the wire around the clip. Tangle free in 10 seconds!

Bonus tip: Airfares are believed to be the cheapest of Tuesdays, six weeks from your date of travel!

These were the travel hacks for engineers! If you have a special trick up your sleeve for travelling smarter, do share it with us!

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