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Anupriya Bedi Jul 04 2014

Can you suggest some travel hacks for travelling during the monsoons?

Benazir Khan Jul 04 2014
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Monsoons in
India are a wonderful time to travel. It allows you witness the scenic splendour of a destination in its best form, along with the added element of fun. However, it is also a brave choice to travel at this time, as visibility, bad roads and roadblocks can be a dampner. The monsoon travel hacks listed here will help you enjoy the weather in the beautiful monsoon destinations of India.

Photo of the Western Ghats during the monsoons (by wild xplorer)

Insect repellant

Photo of exposure to mosquitoes (by the global panorama)

Rainproof clothing and collapsible umbrellas

Invest in a good waterproof jacket that you can wear in all seasons and clothes made of synthetic fibres. These require very little maintenance and dry up quickly. So, if you get caught in a shower, your clothes won't be wet for long. It’s also a great idea to invest in a high-quality umbrella that can be folded easily. Choose one that can fold up and fit in your jacket pocket so that your umbrella is always close at hand.

Photo of waterproof jacket (by GORE-TEX Products)

Photo of colourful portable umbrellas (by Jethro Taylor)

Waterproof backpack

Carry a sturdy, water-resistant backpack to protect your clothes and belongings while travelling. A damp bag is heavy and difficult to carry. Also, any food that you might be carrying can spoil. For extreme weather conditions, plastic bags come in handy to cover your bag and to separately pack your goods before you put them in your backpack.


Apart from being stylish, they protect your hair from getting soaked in the rain. Carry extras in your bag or jacket pocket to change from time to time.

Photo of a range of bandanas (by Sofia Salom)

Carry bottled water

It is important to keep yourself hydrated during the monsoons and especially if you are travelling. It is a good idea to carry plenty of bottled water. Avoid drinking water which is not bottled as there is a strong possibility of it being contaminated during the monsoons. If you are travelling to a remote destination where bottled water may not be available, carry water purifying tablets with you. This will surely prove to be one of the best monsoon travel hacks.

Protect your feet

Avoid walking through dirty water as far as possible. Exposure of your feet to dirty water can lead to leptospirosis and various fungal infections of the feet and nails. Invest in a pair of good gum boots or waterproof shoes if you are planning to do a lot of walking. In case you step into dirty puddles or have to wade through water, wash and dry your feet well once you are back in your room.

Photo of gum boots (by vibrant_art)

Pack a hair dryer

A hair dryer can be very handy while travelling in the monsoons. You can use it not only to dry out your hair but also to blow dry your clothes!

Sachets of herbal teas

A good, hot cup of tea is always welcome, especially when the weather is cool and clammy. Herbal teas also have antibacterial properties that can help ward off infections during the rainy season.

Photo of herbal teas (by Ruta & Zinas)

Update your friends and family

Leave details of your travel plans and contact numbers with your friends or family. Should you get stuck in a flood between destinations, they will know whom to contact.

Protect your electronics

Carry all electronic charging cords, USBs, earphones and similar material in a plastic container or a spare spectacle case. You can easily arrange these cords in a manner that they fit into the container and do not occupy much space. It helps to have a waterproof phone case and a screen guard on your phone screen to protect your phone as well.

Photo of backpacking essentials (by mismisimos)

Monsoon travel hacks listed here are sure to keep you protected from the rains, while ensuring you make the most of the scenic vistas on your way. Have a splendid journey as the view sure is going to be nothing less than breathtaking! If you feel adventurous already, read on to find out more about interesting travel hacks in the wild.

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