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Debangana Sen Sep 26 2014

Tips for travelling with extended family

Pritha Manchanda Sep 26 2014
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Taking a vacation with your extended family is great fun but can also be fraught with some tension. Here are some tips for travelling with extended family that will ensure that you have a stress-free holiday.

Extended family (by Ras67)

Accommodation options

Each family member is going to have a different expectation regarding stay options. It’s important to check for their likes or dislikes before booking anything. Discuss on budget and features to make sure you and your extended family are on the same page. Also, confirm whether you want to share one place, stay within the same complex, rent an appartment or go for camping to spend an adventurous vacation with your family.

Camping (by Hans Fransen)

Food arrangements

Set your expectations right! Not everyone is comfortable with cooking or eating out. It’s important to make necessary arrangements for food to avoid confronting challenging discussions. Also, check with your family for their food habits; it’s good to know from them about what would suit them best--grocery shopping, cooking or eating out so that you can plan accordingly.

Grocery Store (by Linsensuppe)


It’s good to keep everyone happy, but make sure you are not sacrificing your own time and vacation for the same. It is difficult to take everybody along on a day tour or sightseeing considering the amount of time people take to get ready. Discuss your itinerary in advance so that you are not wasting your time waiting for someone who is going to take forever. In case you are travelling during monsoons, these travel hacks on how to travel for monsoons will rescue you from all the difficulties.

To-do-list (by westy48)

Looking after children

The beauty of having your family around lies in the fact that you are not alone in taking care of the kids. There’s always some person to watch them. But this doesn't mean that you take your family for granted.

Grandmother playing with grandson (by Xajaso)

If you want to head out for a romantic walk with your partner minus the kids, inform your family in advance so that they know when they are required for babysitting.

Couple (by Muramasa)

Handling conflicts

Since all members of your family possess a different nature and attitude, it’s important to respect each other’s opinion. Families can be frustrating. You may not like certain habits of your family members, be it related to food, sleep or travel. All you need to do is take a deep breath and compromise instead of pin-pointing things that may spoil your vacation. Give them space to avoid any sort of conflict.

Managing Expenses

Money issues can often lead to nasty arguments. It’s important to make things very clear on how the expenses are going to be divided at the very beginning. Also, the distribution of expenses should be fair. You can even check out the link on how to plan a budget travel.

Budget (by Tax Credits)

Assigning chores

Assign responsibilities equally rather than following the traditional stereotypical approach of aligning ladies with kitchen work and men with outside work. Make a list of what needs to be done everyday, and interchange roles and responsibilities so that everyone gets to do something different everyday. Everyone deserves to enjoy the vacation.

Photo by Tim Evanson

Stay Connected

Since you are travelling with your extended family, it’s important to have each other’s contact number in place. Also, staying in touch gives you a sense of security and protection in a new place.

Girl talking over the phone (by MLazarevski)

Catch hold of some “me time”

No matter how close your family is, it’s ok to have some alone time during your vacation and not spend every minute together with your family. But make sure you set a time each day, when everyone comes together for some fun family bonding time.

Photo by sunny_J

These were some of the best tips for travelling with extended family. We hope these tips will help you to organize the perfect family vacation. Let us know any other tip that has worked for you and your family. Happy travelling!

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