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Honey Chitkara Mar 10 2014

Can you give me a trekking option and itinerary to Madhyamaheshwar Trek?

Benazir Khan Mar 10 2014
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Madhyamaheshwar marks the spot where Shiva’s torso was manifested.



Distance - 11 km
Time - 5 hours
Level - Easy

The jeep track fades shortly outside Uniana (1,700m) but work is afoot to
extend it to Ransi, some 3 km away. Threading north-east along the valley of
the Madhyamaheshwar Ganga, this stretch is gently uphill. After Uniana, the
terrain becomes more idyllic, and the path gradually descends into the forests
along the river, quite like Lansdowne. About 7 km into the day’s walk, there is a succession of switchbacks through the densest part of the forest, levelling out in time to meet a stream of water cascading down a smoothened sheet of black granite. Barely 50m later, a steel bridge spans a crashing waterfall, marking the low point of the trek.

A photo of Madhyamaheshwar (by asis. k. chatt)

From here, the path climbs along the right bank of the river, offering lovely views of waterfalls as it rises to Gaundhar. This large settlement is the traditional halting place on the trek but you should walk a bit longer. Less than a kilometre later, another bridge spans the Saraswati River just as it merges into the Madhyamaheshwar stream. This is an idyllic spot, and if you climb 10 mins
from here, you will reach the Vishwa Lodge at Bantoli (1,800m), where you
will find clean rooms, exhilarating views of the river, and a tantalising glimpse of
the Mandani Peak (6,193m) to the west.



Distance - 9 km
Time - 4-5 Hours
Level - Moderate

From Bantoli, the path continues northwest as it rises steadily past Khatara (1
km) to Nanu (2 km). Especially in autumn, this is walking at its best — a
consistent tug at the calf muscles, a well graded path, changing views of grassy
slopes, emerald streams, dense forests and shimmering snows in the north. After
Nanu, which is another possible night halt, the primarily oak forest grows
darker. There are some tracts of pastures where livestock graze freely, and some commercial pockets are at work, like Dehradun. It is a bit of a trudge but, mercifully, the altitude is not yet dizzying. If you don’t stop too often, you should find the level ground of the last kilometre well before lunch-time. The path exits from the forest as it rounds the mountain to emerge at the Madhyamaheshwar (3,000m) meadow.

A photo of Bantoli Bridge (by Varun Shiv Kapur)

The cheery temple sits in the small depression at the far end and a small
cluster of establishments offer good clean food, warm rooms and plenty of bedding.



Distance - 3 km
Time - 2-3 Hours
Level - Easy

It shouldn’t take more than an hour to gain the top of the ridge lying to the
north-west of the temple. If you made an early start, you could easily do this on
Day Two. But both clouds and winds tend to build in the afternoon, marring the
views and making a prolonged stay unpleasant. Whereas, if you are up at the
ridge by mid-morning, it hosts a delectable meadow, with plenty of spots from
which to admire Chaukhamba, or look downstream to Uniana. Chandrashila Peak comes quite close to giving the same visual feeling at one point.

A photo of Chaukhamba (by Vvnataraj)



Retrace your steps to Bantoli.



And to Uniana. Return by jeep to Okhimath or Suyal Saur. Or if you are fit
enough, take a guide and try the trekking option mentioned below.

A photo of a closer view of Chaukhamba Peak (by Gaurav)



Rest day.


Return to Madhyamaheshwar.


Return to Uniana.

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