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Jigyasha Prasad Nov 19 2014

Which are some of the different types of pizza around the world?

Kanika Nevatia Nov 19 2014
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Check out these types of pizza from around the world and let your taste buds take over! This cheesy, delicious treat is consumed all over the globe. And no matter what type or how many slices you gobble down, you are always left craving for more.

Thin Crust Pizza

Whether its the paper thin pizza or the one that still has some body and is crispy, the thin crust pizza is fast growing in popularity all over the world. Tracing its roots to the original Italian version, this pizza is as authentic as it can get. The ever-so-famous New York pizza is also a take on this very style.

Thin Crust Pizza (by cyclonebill)

Deep Dish Pizza

Having its origins in the United States and not Italy, this pizza is also often referred to as the Chicago pizza. This pizza is up to 3 inches high at the edge and comprises layers of cheese and a chunky tomato sauce. You will have a tough time trying to eat your way through a slice of this loaded, delicious pizza… or maybe not.

Deep Dish Pizza (by maveric2003)

Classic Hand-Tossed Pizza

Grown up eating pizzas from Pizza Hut and Dominoes? Then you are probably familiar with this kind of pizza. Lying in between the thin crust and deep dish pizza, you can enjoy a wide array of toppings on this type. Also called the supreme style pizza, this variety is available all over the world and the taste feels familiar no matter where you try a slice.

Classic Hand Tossed Pizza (by Scott Bauer)


Originating in the streets of Italy, Calzone literally means “stocking” in Italian. It is a turnover style pizza shaped like a semicircle. A calzone is made of dough folded over and filled with the usual pizza toppings.

Calzone (by avlxyz)


Stromboli is also another form of a turnover pizza which looks more like a roll filled with all the essential pizza ingredients. There is quite the debate over the origin of this type of pizza. It is most likely that it originated in the United States where this delicacy is quite popular.

Stromboli (by uberculture)

Lahme Bi Ajeen

This is a type of cheeseless meat pizza that literally translates to “meat with dough”. If you’ve taken a trip to Lebanon, you’ve probably tried it out and you must try it if you haven’t. Called by different names in other Middle Eastern countries, this form of pizza is unique yet delicious.

Lamhe Bi Ajeen (by Rainer Zenz)

Greek Pizza

This pizza owes its origins to Greek immigrants to the United States. Though some people think of it as pizza with typically Greek toppings, it is actually a pizza baked in a pan instead of directly in the oven. The crust is chewy and breadlike and slightly oily in texture.

Greek Pizza (by TheHungryDudes)

Pizza Al Taglio

Meaning “pizza by the slice”, this form of pizza is baked in large rectangular trays and sold in rectangular or square slices by piece or weight. Looking more like a cheesy flatbread than a pizza, this variant owes its origin to the city of Rome in Italy.

Pizza Al Taglio (by Shoebill2)

Bread Pizza

From a classic slice of toast to a foot long or even a bagel, there are many interpretations of the pizza fashioned out of a piece of bread. Simply dollop some pizza sauce, followed by some toppings and mozzarella and bake to perfection for an instant pizza.

Bagel Pizza (by buyalex)

Dessert Pizza

Ever had pizza for dessert? It actually exists. Next time instead of getting a birthday cake, make yourself a dessert pizza. From chocolate and vanilla to pistachio and almonds or even your favourite fruit, choose your favourite toppings and convert the savory dough for the base to a sweet one. This is sure to become your favourite sweet treat!

Dessert Pizza (by Kylio)

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