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Debangana Sen Apr 16 2014

Which are the unique street food of India?

Anupriya Bedi Apr 16 2014
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India is known for its unique street foods. The tastes, sights, sounds and sheer variety to be be found in Indian street food is unbelievable! Here is our list of unique street foods of India which are worth travelling for.

Ghugni Chaat, Kolkata

Ghugni chaat is one of the unique street foods found in Kolkata. It’s basically a chaat of yellow peas mixed with tomatoes, onions and chillies and is served piping hot straight from a gigantic pan.

Where: Across Kolkata
Price: INR 10

Photo of Ghugni Chaat (by Tawheed Manzoor)

Chocolate Sandwich, Pune

Do you want to bite into an ocean of hot melted chocolate perfectly sandwiched between crisp, thickly buttered toast? If yes, then you must head out to Krishna Sandwich on Moledina Road on your next trip to Pune.

Where: Intersection of Moledina Road and Synagoge Street, Pune
Price: INR 40 - 60

Photo of Chocolate Sandwich (from the Official Facebook Page)

Khurchan, Old Delhi

Khurchan or rabri khurchan is a unique street food in Delhi that is available now only in a few select mithai shops in Old Delhi. This delicious treat is made by condensing milk over a low flame and scraping down the sides. It is served with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and sliced pistachios.

Where: Pundit Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan, Shop No. 34, Parathe Wali Gali, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi
Price: INR 20

Photo of Khurchan (by Rohan Prakash)

Manchurian Locho, Mumbai

This dish is a unique street food of Mumbai and is as complicated as it sounds! Its a dosa filled with sev, butter, onions, chaat masala and the main ingredient, noodles in a Manchurian sauce. It is a spectacular mix of Maharashtrian, south Indian and Chinese flavours.

Where: Jani Khaman And Locho House, Shop No. 11, Star Trade Centre, Sodawala Lane, Opposite Chamunda Circle, Borivali (West)
Price: INR 40

Photo of Manchurian Locho (by jypsygen)

Naan Khatai, Old Delhi

Naan khatai is a traditional Indian biscuit.These eggless sweet and savoury cookies are today available in many bakery shops but the best are still sold in reydees (pushcarts) in the bylanes of Paharganj.

Where: Across Delhi
Price: INR 20 (5 Pieces)

Photo of Naan Khatai (by Chowder Singh)

Ganne ka Juice (Sugarcane Juice), Sugarcane Pieces (Ganderi), Punjab

Freshly squeezed sugarcane juice with a dash of lemon and mint is perhaps the best way to beat the summer heat. You can find pushcarts vending this divine beverage across Punjab for most parts of the year.

Where: Across Punjab
Price: INR 30 - 50

Photo of Sugarcane Juice (by Food Trails )

It is also very common to find ganderi or sugarcane pieces being sold at the juice shops. These are excellent with a dash of lime.

Photo of Ganderi (by David Weekly)

Jamrul, West Bengal

Jamrul, also known as bell fruit, is a usually sold with a sprinkling of chaat masala or chilly powder. It is a healthy and tangy treat.

Where: Across Kolkata
Price: INR 30

Photo of Jamrul (by Mohd. Mafizul Hasan Hawlader)

Aloo Toast and Keema Patties, Hyderabad

In the ‘City of Nizams’ where you will find all possible varieties of non-vegetarian delicacies, indulging in an aloo toast might sound a bit bizarre but is definitely a must do street food in Hyderabad. Apart from the aloo toast, keema patties are really a great way of satiating hunger in between your meal. They can be found easily at any of the eateries across Hyderabad but at Venky’s you’ll see a lot of people ordering it.

Where: New Agra Diamond Stall (Aloo Toast)
Price: INR 20

Photo of Aloo Toast ( from the official facebook page)

Sundal, Kerala

Sundal is a chickpea salad found in God's own country--Kerala and is definitely one of the unique street foods of India. The salad has curry leaves, mustard seeds and chillies added to it. Its a great snack to munch on and is served with grated coconut sprinkled on them.

Where: Across Kerala
Price: INR 30

Photo of Sundal (by Renee Suen)

Tamatar Ki Chaat, Varanasi

Head to any chaat vendor in the streets of Varanasi and ask for a plate of ‘Tamatar ki Chaat’. Yes, you heard me right! There actually is a tangy chaat made up of tomatoes, khoya and dry fruits with generous sprinklings of masala.

Where: Across Varanasi
Price: INR 30

Photo of Tamatar Ki Chaat (by banaraskhana.com)

Poha Jalebi, Indore

Poha Jalebi is an Indore breakfast staple. And though the pairing of a savoury dish with a sweet one sounds odd, it is a wonderful combination. Try out this unusual street food at any of the eateries in Indore.

Where: Across Indore

Price: INR 20

Photo of Poha Jalebi (from the Official Facebook Page)

Dabeli, Ahmedabad

Dabeli is the popular street food in Ahmedabad. Its a Gujarati twist to the burger which you can find almost at every chaat vendor in Ahmedabad. The burger has the famous dabeli masala added to the aloo tikki and is garnished with pomegranate and roasted peanuts.

Where: Across Ahmedabad
Price: INR 30

Photo of Dabeli (by Rajesh_India)

Pineapple Chaat, Shillong

The North-East is one the highest exporter of pineapples. You can get fresh cut slices of really high-quality pineapple on the streets of Shillong. You can ask the vendors to sprinkle tangy red coloured masala on the slices to get a sweet and spicy flavour.

Where: Across Shillong
Price : INR 20

Photo of Pineapple Chaat (by Pixabay)

Betel Nuts and Paan, Shillong

Betel Nuts and Paan is definitely one of the unique street food in India. They are served as a main ingredient with Paan in Shillong.

Where: Paan Vendors across whole Shillong
Price: INR 10 - 20

Photo of Betel Nuts and Paan (by Mohonu)

If you are a food freak, make a checklist of these unique street foods of India. Make-shift carts, roadside stalls, small kiosks and shops that abound at every street corner and every busy market offer some very distinctive flavours. Try them out for a gastronomic ride of your life. Check out the list of Local Street Food in India to satiate the food enthusiast in you.

Sundal - Not in Kerala it is in Tamilnadu
Upasana Sharma May 31 2014
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hello???? Gol Gappe/Puchka/paani puri/ paani ke batashe???? how can you not have that? Tho' I can name few others but this is glaring
Vivek Ranjan Pandey May 23 2015
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Aalu bonda , samosa , bhaji bada, pyaj bada, Mungode , bhajiye and so on.................
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