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Wizkid OJ
Wizkid OJ
25 Jun 2014
Vagamon is a hill station located in Idukki-Kottayam border of Kottayam District in Kerala. *Situated at 1100 meters above sea-level. *The climate ranges from 10-23 C during a summer mid-day. *The famous channel National Geographic Traveler has visited Vagamon on its trip covering the 50 most special places to visit in India. *The drive across is just brilliant with huge rocks on the sides of the road & the roads go on in a round and round manner...Just hectic !! *The main attractions include the Kurisumala which is a pilgrim center ;to reach it a big climb lies ahead !!! At the top one can see the clouds just moving besides him !!!!!! One of the magnificent feelings in the world !!! *Other attractions include the Dairy farms,Pine Forests,Vagamon Meadows and so lies the list. *Definitely worth visiting !!
Manu Augustine
Manu Augustine
Vagamon, peace in the meadows ...
18 Jun 2014
If you are planning a trip to kerala , don't miss vagamon . It is undoubtedly one of the most elegant tourist spots in south kerala. You could see the enchanting meadows, pine forest teeming with mild song of nature, peaceful and energising kurisumala monastery and much more. Keep that in mind that local buses are really scares here so better you take a private taxi or something. Places to see . Meadows. A cluster of small hills amidst a lake , you can enjoy the cool climate with a non stop cool breeze. Kurisumala monastery. A missionary found monastery and farm, people from any cast or religion can go and meditate their. They also provide lodging facilities. Pine forest. A valley full of pine forest , planted by the British , you could enjoy the music made by the wind and palm leaves. .. Suicide point. I wonder why this beautiful place is named so, such marvellous sculpture by the nature, a mixture of all the things we see in vagmon can be experienced here. Dont miss this place. Directions Vagamon is 39 km from Thodupuzha, 33 km away from Palai, 45 km from Kumily, 22 km from Kuttikanam and about 65 km from Kottayam. Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport while the closest railway station is Kottayam.

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