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Mercy Jacob May 01 2014

Please suggest a vegetarian survival guide?

Kanika Nevatia May 01 2014
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Doesn’t being a vegetarian sometimes seem like a pain when on vacation to places with limited vegetarian options? What you need is a vegetarian survival guide that will ensure you always have a hearty meal no matter where you are.This list is sure to make any travelling vegetarian happy!

Take a trip to the grocery store, or better yet, the local market

Locate a supermarket or grocery store close to where you are staying. You can stock up on biscuits, yogurt, crisps, bread, peanut butter, cheese and fruits and rustle up a decent meal. In case you have access to a kitchen, you can stock up on vegetables of your choice and cook up your favourite dishes. If you want to be a little more adventurous, visit a local market. You can pick up fresh produce and local spices. You might also get some great photo ops. in markets like those in Malaysia.

Photo of Pike Place Market (by Eric Hunt)

Go on a cooking spree

Learn a few simple cooking tips and tricks before you travel. Self catering is now very common in European countries like the Netherlands. Book yourself a studio apartment or hotel room with a kitchenette during your holiday. Pick up ingredients at the local grocery store or market and cook up easy meals. Cooking your own meals is the ultimate vegetarian survival tactic!

Photo of cooking (by Rootology)

Know what to pack

Being from India, dry snacks are something that we literally survive on even when at home! So when travelling, carry along some delicious mathis, bhujias and similar savory treats. Most of these products are available in convenient self-sealing packs. If you’re willing to put in a little extra hard work, make a big stack of theplas and pack them with your favourite pickle. They tend to stay fresh for a long time. You could also pack non-perishable packaged foods like nutrition bars and biscuits. This practice should definitely be a part of your vegetarian survival guide.

Photo of Theplas (by GaneshDatta)

Don’t forget to do your research

Research food options before you set off on your holiday. There are lots of groups online that could help you locate good vegetarian places. Post queries and network with these groups. You could also use the cool trip planner to help locate vegetarian eating options in your city.

Photo of Vegetarian Pasta (by Lachlan Hardy)

Breakfast should be your saviour!

No matter where you're staying, breakfast spreads are usually elaborate and always have a few if not many vegetarian options. So say you’re a travelling vegetarian in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), you are sure to find some hummus and kuboos (Middle Eastern bread) along with the usual toast, juices, cereals, fruits, the bare essential of any breakfast spread. So fill up at breakfast and then you are set for a fun day ahead.

Photo of Breakfast Buffet (by mikecogh)

Advance bookings are a must

Whether it’s your flight, train or simply a guided tour or a cruise, be sure to book your meal in advance. Its also a great idea to confirm the meal booking a day or two before you travel. Be very specific while booking: Asian vegetarian, Indian vegetarian or even Jain vegetarian food is a safer option than plain vegetarian as in many South-East Asian countries, fish and fish products are regarded as vegetarian.

Photo of Inflight Meal (by Marshall Astor)

Never hesitate!

So you're in a authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of Venice and see nothing vegetarian on the menu. Your first instinct is to feel disheartened! But don’t. Never hesitate in asking for a custom order. Order a margherita pizza or simply some pasta without meat. Most chefs are eager to have a happy customer and usually won't hesitate to whip up a customised meal if requested.

Photo of Margherita Pizza (by Lombroso)

Get used to snacking

In case you don’t find a wholesome vegetarian meal, don’t worry. Snack on fruits, juices, granola bars, biscuits or crisps. These are readily available and can keep you going while you travel. Even in restaurants, you can rely on sides such as salads or fries to ensure you never go hungry!

Photo of French Fries (by Kham Tran)

Eat street food

No matter where you travel, you can almost always find great vegetarian eating options. From grilled corn-on-the-cob in Krabi and nachos with cheese in Mexico City to bagels and cream cheese in New York, you will always find amazing vegetarian street foods. And what better way to discover a new city than by exploring its food options.

Photo of Nachos (by FulcanOfWalden)

Now that you have a vegetarian survival guide in place, you know exactly what to do as a travelling vegetarian. So leave behind all those food apprehensions and enjoy the trip! Bon apetit!
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