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If winter sports turn you on, you are going to the right place and probably at the right time.
sky is clear
Heavy woollen
  • 30 Mar
    -20° -23°
    light snow
  • 31 Mar
    -17° -23°
    light snow
  • 01 Apr
    -16° -18°
    light snow
  • 02 Apr
    -14° -18°
    light snow
  • 03 Apr
    -15° -23°
    light snow
  • 04 Apr
    -19° -23°
    light snow
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Weather in Grise fiord

- Knowing about the weather, temperature, climate, rainfall, snowfall, humidity of any place is important since one needs to plan according to how hot or how cold the seasonal temperature is. The temperature in Grise fiord today is -23 °C, while humidity is 77 %. Today would be a good day for wearing woollen if you are already there. If you were looking for weather in Grise fiord during March, be prepared for maximum and minimum temperatures ranging from -23 to -23 °C and humidity levels of around 77 %. While the Grise fiord weather in April will have temperatures ranging from $nextMinTemp.intValue() to $nextMaxTemp.intValue() °C. The best months for visiting Grise fiord are . For more information about your travel to Grise fiord, do check out the Grise fiord tourism | hotels in Grise fiord | places near Grise fiord