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Debangana Sen Mar 12 2014

Weirdest wedding traditions around the world

Debangana Sen Mar 12 2014
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Weddings are quite an integral part of any human society. No matter which part of the world you land up in, if you spend long enough time in a community, however backward or isolated, you will come across something that closely resembles a marital union. With hundreds of different cultures around the world, you do come across a profuse number of traditions and practices when it comes to pre wedding and wedding ceremonies. Now, some of those are really quite sweet and full of sentiment, but some are so outrightly weird they are bordering on crazy! Read on to know some find out about some of the weirdest wedding traditions/ practices out there. All true, I swear!

Bawling in sync?

Photo by Arleta!

The Tujia people in China take crying at weddings to a whole new level. A month before the big day, the bride starts crying everyday day for an hour. 10 days later her mom starts crying as well, and 10 days post that the grandmother joins the club. By the time the wedding date arrives all the females in the family are bawling away to glory. Why? Supposed to be tears of joy! If the bride fails to cry then she becomes the laughing stock of the whole village. Oh, and the bride is also judged by her family and friends on how soulfully she can accomplish a “crying wedding song”.

A Trashy Bridal Shower

Photo by Crs9740

Imagine all the filth, garbage and more disgusting stuff that you can think of. Then imagine throwing those at the bride after you tie her to a tree. This is Scotland’s version of a bachelorette party practiced in some parts of the country. The idea being, if you can stand all the humiliation, you can stand anything that comes your way after marriage.

The Kissing game

Photo by TaniaSaiz

In Sweden, if the groom has to leave the bride’s side for some reason or the other, it’s considered fair for all the males in the wedding party to start kissing the bride. Similarly the groom gets kissed...a lot, when his bride is not by his side. Hmmmm.

Just hold it in!

Photo by wheeldog

This one probably takes the cake when it comes to weirdest wedding traditions. Members of the Tidong community in Northern Borneo have a special post wedding ritual. The bride and groom are on a house arrest for three days and three nights after the wedding. Sounds fine you say? The newly married couple are not allowed to use the restroom during this period and to make sure they follow the rules, family members guard the doors. This is to ensure the couple has healthy children! An interesting plan to promote bonding, but not very well thought of!

Heights of Pessimism

Photo by PixelAnarchy

Traditional Ukrainian couples already anticipating a messy divorce, take revenge on their matchmakers by humiliating them and burning their effigies during the wedding ceremony. Start a new life on a positive note...bah! Humbug!

No Funny Business

Photo by shawncampbell

Marriages in Congo are taken seriously, and I mean, very seriously. Smiling and laughing are an absolute no-no. The groom and the bride are to keep a straight-face throughout the ceremony. So in case you are thinking of ruining your friend's wedding in Congo, hire a clown.


Photo by Jean Ignace Isidore Gerard

One of the most annoying wedding traditions in France is when friends and family gather outside the newlywed’s house on their first night and start banging pot and pans and create as much ruckus as possible. The idea is to disrupt the romantic mood and force the newlyweds to come out, post which the couple has to invite everyone in and treat them with food and drinks.

A Human carpet

Photo by Mina213

Marquesas island has a unique tradition of seeing off a newlywed couple. After the wedding reception, the friends and family on the bride and groom lie down on their stomach and the couple walks over them to reach the door and depart for their honeymoon.


Photo by Matthew Paul Argall

Another custom in France is to dump all the leftover food and trash from the wedding into a toilet bowl and make the bride and the groom drink from it. Gross right? Though, these days it is usually filled up with chocolates and creams, but they’ll still have to drink it from a real toilet bowl anyway.

Beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder

Photo by Tobyotter

While hitting the gym and losing a few kilos before the wedding is very common for most brides all over the world, brides in Mauritania are sent to fat farms to fatten up. Stomach rolls, stretch marks, bulging love handles and thunder thighs are all highly sought after in Mauritania. This ritual is called Leblouh. Girls aged 5 to 15 are sent off to these camps where they are force fed till they get appropriately fat and eventually get married. This is because in Mauritanian society, a man’s status is directly proportional to how fat his wife is. For a man to flaunt his high status, he needs a fat wife which will give the impression that he is well able to keep his wife well fed and happy!

Act the Cupid

Photo by Keith Evans

In Yugar culture (an ethnic Chinese minority), just before the wedding, the groom shoots at his bride thrice with a bow and arrow. Obviously the arrowheads are cut off, or there will be no wedding to speak off. Once this is done, he collects the arrows and breaks them. This is done to ensure that the couple falls in love and stays that way forever.

Kidnapping the Bride

Photo by Karl Ferdinand Wimar

In Romani and gypsy culture, if you wanted to marry a girl, you simply kidnap her and if you are not caught within a certain time, you are considered officially married. Easy peasy! If you are raising your eyebrows, this is also a common practice in some northeastern regions in India. It is called Peethchuk, where the groom carries his intended bride on his back and runs away.


Photo by Moviefan

Indians also have a few strange wedding traditions. Marrying a Manglik boy or a girl to a tree or goat is common knowledge, but did you know that in some parts of U.P, the groom and his family are greeted with insults by the bride’s family? Preparations begin a month before the wedding and research is done on each member on the groom’s side to be able to come up with the choicest insults. The idea is every relationship that starts from a fight usually ends up in a love match!

Kaasi Yatra

Photo by Sistak

In a Tamil Brahmin marriage ritual, the groom on arriving at the mandap suddenly has a change of heart and decides he wants to go to Kaasi and become a sage. He carries a walking stick and some meager essentials with him announcing that he is no more interested in becoming a family man and pretends to leave. The bride’s father then begs him to stay and marry his daughter, luring him with new clothes and gifts and the Gita. The groom relents and proceeds to marry the bride.

How to break the ice in a Marwari wedding?

Photo by langleyo

A fun but weird marriage practice in the Marwari community in India is the Neemjhari ceremony. A bride gets to spank her brothers in law with a Neem branch while saving her own behind from being hit by them. Other sisters in law may also join the commotion.

So these were some of the weirdest wedding traditions around the world. Know any more? Feel free to add to this list.

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