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iXiGOers Jul 29 2013

What are the five ‘do it yourself’ food experiences in India?

Reema Bhalla Jul 29 2013
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When it comes to food in India there is a lot on offer, from the best restaurants to ‘do it yourself’ food experiences in India. Every region has a distinct taste to offer, from the fiery hot chillies in Nagaland to the sweet delicacies of Bengal, from the robust flavor of Kashmiri cuisine to simplicity of taste in Southern India, there is a lot of diversity offered in terms of taste. All these intricacies of regional cuisines are coupled with the increasing acceptance and adaptation of many other global cuisines is really inspiring and evolving the way India eats now.

Apart from smaller cities, every Metropolitan as well has its own flavor like Dilli ki chaat and paranthe wali Gali in Delhi, Vada Pav and Bhelpuri in Bombay, Rolls and Puchkas in Kolkata. These delicacies not only tell us about the street food on offer but also how the city eats and about the cultural vibe it creates.

But beyond the charm of the street food and the luxuries of the most exclusive restaurants in the country are the following gourmet experiences which can relate all the five senses to food, as one can not only taste the food but also take part in understanding its origins, savoring as well as developing its taste, thus a complete blissful experience which is a delight for any foodie!

Cheese Making in Coonoor

Coonoor, a picturesque hill station just 20 km away from Ooty, offers one of the most unusual recreation activities in India: Cheesemaking. The Acres Wild Organic Farm, spread across 22 acres where apart from indulging in the beauty of the lush green surroundings of Nilgiris and the comfort of the farmstay, the guests can also take part in the process of cheesemaking from the scratch, as everything needed is produced right there at the farm.

Photo of cheese at Acres Wild Farm

From milking a cow to the cheese making process in the cooking class which one can savor later with the meals, this farm covers it all. The cheesemaking course is a 2 day long course in which you can select any two cheeses of your choice (Feta, Gouda, Monterey Jack, Camembert etc.). However, this can increase if the stay at the farm is prolonged. Its amazing selection of cheeses, organic herbs and vegetables and the unique farmstay makes it a must visit destination for any food lover.

Address: 571, Upper Meanjee Estate
Kannimariamman Kovil Street
Coonoor 643 101
Telephone: +91-94432-32621

Trout Fishing Camp in Kullu

Trout was originally introduced by the British to the Indian waters to keep their favorite sport angling alive, this sport is still kept alive in this beautiful valley in Kullu, whose enchanting rivers are teaming with brown and rainbow trout, these streams are found in abundance around the valley and add immense charm to the beauty of the valley as well as offers a lot to those seeking to indulge in angling adventure.

Photo of Trout fishing in Kullu

Angling on these crystal clear streams of water is a sheer pleasure, if you are camping alongside the river then it is a great idea to savor your catch right there to taste it at its best. One can enjoy the pristine beauty of the mountains, walk alongside the stream, enjoy the tranquil peace of the valley apart from fishing trout making it an ideal getaway and all that coupled with the joy of cooking the freshly caught trout along the riverside is an incredible experience in its own right.

Tea Tasting in Ghoom

Tea is undoubtedly the favourite beverage of many Indians and everyone has their own way of making it and in the flavor blend they cherish the most. From the delicate cardamom flavour to the strong masala tea, there are a lot of versions and flavors of tea available throughout the country. Whether you are a tea lover or an admirer of the serene beauty of the nature, Darjeeling is a must visit destination for you which is often referred to as the teacup of the country.

Photo of Tumong Tea Estate in Ghoom

Nestled in Tumsong Tea Estate near Ghoom is a colonial mansion which is a homestay and a boutique hotel. It was originally the tea estate’s manager bungalow now remodelled into a luxurious accommodation option while still retaining its charm. Not only the guests can stay amidst the lush green tea gardens but they can also visit the factory, take part in tea tasting sessions and of course enjoy their freshly brewed cup in the morning in this perfect setting. It is truly a bespoke experience which is priceless.

Address: The Tumsong Retreat
Tumsong Tea Estate
Tumsong (Ghoom)
District Darjeeling 74310
Telephone: +91-33309-36400

Wine tasting at Sula Vineyards

It is one the primary attractions Nashik has to offer. At Sula Vineyards (the first one in the country), the best Indian wine is manufactured and the quest to increase one’s knowledge about wine is encouraged. It is like your own personal journey of taste which lets you understand all the nuances involved in the winemaking process, from plucking of grapes to bottling of the finished product. This experience starts from a visit to the vineyards to the winery, from how to savour the wine to what food it should be ideally paired with, it covers all of it. It also offers wine tasting paired with a delicious cheese platter in its beautiful wine tasting room.

Photo of Sula Vineyards

The tours are held all 7 days a week throughout the year (excluding dry days) between 11:30 AM-5:30 PM. Whether you are an amateur learning how to sniff and swirl your wine the right way or a wine connoisseur it does not matter as this paradise for wine lovers caters to all.

To know more about this check out famous wine tasting destinations in India.

Address: Gat 36/2, Govardhan Village
Off Gangapur-Savargaon Road
Nashik 422 222
Maharashtra, India
Telephone: +91-25322-31720

Chocolate Making in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is one of the most beautiful hill stations of Tamil Nadu where various spices, coffee etc. are found in abundance.

Photo of home-made chocolates in Kodaikanal

Apart from the tourist destinations, the other speciality it has are the homemade chocolates in Kodaikanal, which are found stocked in almost all the local shops and are much cheaper (and tastier) than the branded ones. They are fresh and infused with different spices and flavours. Not only can one taste these exquisite chocolates but can also take part in the various chocolate making classes across the city.

From freshly brewed tea to the finest variety of cheese, these 'do it yourself' food experiences in India are like a never ending culinary journey which is truly delightful to explore for any food lover!

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