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iXiGOers Dec 09 2012

What are the popular festivals and events in Ahmedabad?

Reema Bhalla DEC 10 2012
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Ahmedabad is one of the most perfect blends of many religions and communities. The warmth and energy that seems to be suffused in the crowd here will surprise you. As a result of this coming together of drastically different cultures, Ahmedabad sees a flurry of festivals and events all round the year. To get a real taste of this blend, you can fly in and add to the gusto of these festivals and events:

  • International Kite Festival Or Uttarayan

A strong crowd of thousands descends at Ahmedabad, with the drawing near of Uttarayan. January 14 is the big day that has enthusiasts waiting for the festival to commence. It celebrates the end of winters and the sky turns a myriad of colours as kites of enticing designs engage in what seems like a clash of titans! Kite lovers from all over the world and India can be seen having a blast at rooftops, with Gujarati delicacies like surati jamun, laddoos and Undhyu adding to their energy. Chinese flying dragons, Italian kites, candle-lit kites and, hold your breath, 500 kites on a single string - all this and much more awaits you. Happy Uttarayan!

  • Navaratri

Here comes the grandest of all celebrations - Navaratri or the Festival of Nine Nights! It starts 9 days prior to Dussehra, another major festival. No experience in this world can equal the exuberance that comes of participating in the Navaratri festival in Ahmedabad. The city is at its pompous and grandest for these nine days as masses dedicate the days to Hindu Goddess Durga, the most revered of all deities in the whole of India. Unmatched enthusiasm, gatherings, dance parties and Garba, Gujarat’s famous dance form, plus a lot more of fun and frolic awaits you here. The nine nights of Navratri (usually Oct) are an intense Gujarati experience. The rhythmic clanging as dancers in full flow strike each others’ batons, the devotion to the mother goddess, the new clothes, the food, the nightly events - it’s a heady cultural extravaganza. Don’t forget the plates full of special Gujarati dishes. It’s nothing less than tempting.

  • Rath Yatra

Come July and this festival of immense religious value and energy will welcome you to Ahmedabad. As a token of reverence to Hindu Lord Krishna, Balram and their sister, Subhadra, a chariot procession sweeps through the alleys of Ahmedabad. Music bands, devotees, onlookers, a divine energy takes everybody in its folds during this procession. The ardently religious ones vie with each other to pull the three chariots. The whole of Ahmedabad seems to don a layer of fairy dust as colourful rangolis, flowers and miniature chariots deck the alleys, rooftops and the city center alike. Though the procession is fun and enthusiasm, It’s advisable to stay off the lanes that see it passing if you aren’t too used to jostling with the crowd.

If you are still craving for fun and festivity, there’s more that Ahmedabad has in store for you. It is buzzing with one event or festival or the other. January brings a 11 day treat for the music buffs with the Saptak Music Festival that usually commences from January 1 every year since the year 1980. It brings together singers and musical prodigies from Gujarat and the whole of India. August end or early September is also a good time to revel in the festivities for it brings the Tarnetar Fair. It’s held at the Trinteshwar temple and draws much of the rural crowds to the city. Eid, one of the biggest Muslim festivals, vouches for stupendous celebrations at Ahmedabad. It’s celebrated in November or late October and puts an end to the holy month of Ramadan. There’s more to the list with Modhera Dance Festival and Tanariri Festival. With all those festivals, you can be sure of having a gala time at Ahmedabad. Celebrate.

Bhushavali Natarajan Jan 17 2014
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If you visit Ahmedabad during Navrathri time, you'd see Garba and Dandiya celebrations everywhere all night. The Govt. has a set up a huge ground with lots of lighting, and music, for general public to dance during this time. If you want a less crowded place you may check out the several clubs that organize the same, for a certain cost!
Here's my Amdavadi Navratri at Rajpath Club: http://travel.bhushavali.com/2013/11/disco-dandiya-at-rajpath-club-ahmedabad.html
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