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iXiGOers Dec 09 2012

What are the top experiences of a Jamnagar trip?

Pritha Manchanda DEC 10 2012
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As a port town, away from the bustle, Jamnagar is spared the burden of heavy tourist influx and much of the trouble that comes with it. Here, you can sit back, laze around and relax, soaking yourself in the vividly different experiences here, including:

  • Darbargarh Palace

It’s one of the most important yet least hyped of all the monuments in Jamnagar. Do pay a visit to this relic from the past that once housed the Jam Sahebs, the royals of Gujarat. It reflects a brilliant, intriguing mix of European as well as Rajput architectural style. Some parts of it crumbled in the 2001 earthquake, leaving deep cracks, yet tourists often flock to get a hands on experience of how the royals lived.

Address: Morbi Old Bazaar

Old Morbi




  • Balachadi Beach

This one is far away from the maddening crowd, literally. Balachadi Beach is unlike the overcrowded beaches that take you right in the midst of chaos rather than offering some moments of tranquility. The silvers of its sand sparkle with a mesmerising halo on full moon night; let the magical moments take over all your senses.

Address: Balachadi Beach




  • Dwarakadhish Temple

This is one of the most revered of all temples for the devotees of Lord Krishna. Devotees from all across the world throng the premises that worships the deity as the King of Dwarka. The original temple is believed to have been built by Lord Krishna’s nephew, Vajranbhji in 400 BC. The structure, as it stands today, was built in 16th century and is a breathtaking site that seems to be rising from the frosty waters of the Arabian Sea. The black idol of the deity inside the premises has got an intensity that’s rare. You can’t do much but bow in reverence as the fervour here is too overwhelming to be shaken off.

Timings: 7 am to 12.30 pm, 5 pm to 9.30 pm

Address: Dwarka

District Jamnagar



Official Website: http://www.dwarkadhish.org/default.aspx

  • Navratri Festival

Here comes the grandest of all celebrations - Navaratri or the Festival of Nine Nights! It starts 9 days prior to Dussehra, another major festival. No experience in this world can equal the exuberance that comes of participating in the Navaratri festival in Jamnagar. The city is at its pompous and grandest for these nine days as masses dedicate the days to Hindu Goddess Durga, the most revered of all deities in the whole of India. Unmatched enthusiasm, gatherings, dance parties and Garba and Ras, Gujarat’s famous dance forms, plus a lot more of fun and frolic awaits you here. Don’t forget the plates full of special Gujarati dishes. It’s nothing less than tempting.

  • Janmashtmi Fair

This festival celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna, with a fair organised to mark the event. The Dwarkadhish Temple sees devotees coming in droves to soak in the festive air. Usually held in August, this festival colours the whole city in various hues of devotion. Krishna devotees from all over the world converge at Jamnagar to add to the waves of religion.

  • Marine National Park

Credited for being India’s first marine park, a walk through its precincts is nothing less than an adventure trail. The experience of walking the beach side after a tide has ebbed, with the fascinating corals looking amazingly clear in barely two feet of water is bliss. The area has 42 islands in all, having 37 species of hard and soft corals, 70 species of sponges, 200 species of molluscs, 98 species of birds and an astounding 108 species of brown, green and red algae. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime experience.

Address: Marine Sanctuary & National Park



Official Website: http://www.jamnagar.org/mnp.htm

Jamnagar as a tourist destination can bowl you over with its disarming ways - no frills attached hospitality, simplistic living, exotic yet simple food, and the so evidently evident religious pull. It’s a life away from the din. Soothe yourself, soothe your soul.

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