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iXiGOers Dec 09 2012

What are the ways to travel within Bali?

Chandralekha Singh DEC 10 2012
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Roads that gradually give way to rickety paths that soon give melt into muddy tracks and before you know it vanish, being replaced with vast, open or forested stretches of land-Bali is one unique travel experience, that will leave you with as many unforgettable memories as there are bumps on its ways, and there are many. Some of the ways in which you can travel within Bali are:

  • By cab

One of the more convenient ways to travel the length and breadth of this island, hiring a cab will ensure that not only do you get to spend as much time at different places as you want to but also in the order desired by you. Ask the hotel of your stay to book a cab for you as the cabs you hire via them will be more reliable and as easy to hire. Also, the driver being a local will better be able to navigate the roads of Bali, particularly during rains when they become nothing short of a slide and help you in communicating with the locals. The cost will depend on the number of places you travel to but roughly it can be anywhere in the range of Rp 30,000 to Rp 45,000. Make sure to fix the rate before you leave on the journey. Best of all, you are very likely to get a enthusiastic, budding tourist guide in your driver, who will happily describe the island and its attractions in great detail.

  • By Taxi

There is another option of hiring metered taxis, but only for covering southern part of Bali. Typically, there is an initial cost of Rp 5,000 for the first 2 km, and thereafter, it is Rp 5,000 per kilometer. If you plan on making stops along the way, there will be a waiting charge of around Rp 20,000 per hour. You can easily hire a taxi for the entire day or half a day, but remember to fix the price with them. You could consult the hotel staff for probable rates.

  • By Bemo

As you enter Bali, when you are able to tear your eyes away from the panorama, you are likely to see brown and blue vans filling the length of Bali’s roads. These vans ply as buses and have regular routes that they take. Though they will make a number of stops on the way and require you to change more than one for long stretches of journey, Bemos are one of the more fun filled ways of travelling across the city. Most alight from Denpasar, from the Airport as well as several bus stops that are there, and have their destination and stop written on the front window. There is no fixed fee for a given route and in fact you may have bargain with the bemo drivers. Before getting on one ask the hotel staff for bemo stops and rates for destinations you plan on visiting. On your way you could also ask the local fellow travellers for the rate and charges. Best thing would be to take down the bemo fare displayed at the Airport for popular destinations and use it as a guide for other areas as well.

  • By Motorbike

Opt for it only if you know your motorbikes and have experience in navigating your way across muddy, slippery paths. It is a good transit option if you are intent on going off the beaten path and discovering Bali for yourself. But remember that off the beaten path means narrow roads or no roads and muddy paths, so do bring along your sense of balance and adventure for motobiking through Bali and be cautious of cars, trucks and buses intent on overtaking you. You will require insurance premium as well as International driving license or locally issued tourist driving license for which a written test needs to be given, to hire a motorbike. Be sure to check its condition, brakes, tyres, etc before you leave. A bike is likely to cost you Rp 50,000 and above.

  • By Rented Car

You could also rent a car and drive your way through the island, soaking in the sights at your own leisure. However, you are going to require insurance premium and International driving license or locally issued tourist driving license for which a written test needs to be given, to hire a car. A small car will cost you about Rp 2,50,000 a day while larger vehicles seating more than 4 to 5 will be about Rp 4,00,000 and above. Be sure to check the condition of the car and ensure that you hire it with its papers. The cars tend to have steering wheel on the left and tend to be right hand drive. Also, while fueling up ensure that the you are charged the right price listed on a board at the fuel stations. Prices may be rigged, so check the fuel indicator and the price charged of you.

Go forth, chart the yet uncharted course of Bali’s fantastic natural backdrop and time travel through millennia worth of history, culture and spirituality.

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