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iXiGOers Dec 09 2012

What can be a suitable itinerary for Dwarka?

Vaishali Singh DEC 10 2012
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The moment has come when you’ll finally take a pilgrimage to this Char Dham destination, one of the holiest places in India. Besides, there’s so much history to explore that you probably can’t wait for the trip to actually begin. Here’s a sample itinerary to guide you through your much-awaited trip to Dwarka, making sure you make the most of it:

Day 1

  • Begin your day early and head straight to the Dwarkadhish Temple, the mainstay and epicentre of all of Dwarka’s cultural attractions. You can attend the beautiful morning aarti here and explore the delightful architecture of the temple. A sight to behold, the temple that makes the whole town so famous, has to be on the top of your itinerary. On the banks of River Gomati, devotees here need to take a dip in the river before climbing the stairs to the magnificent temple. the 56 stairs represent the 52 Yadava administration divisions and the 4 deities presiding over it. Believed to be built almost 2500 years ago, this temple has seen several kingdoms and rulers strive to protect it from invaders and destruction. The central idol here is of course Lord Krishna, in his avatar as the ruler of his kingdom, Dwarka. Spread over 5 floors, the temple has beautifully carved pillars, adding to the ancient charm of this architectural wonder.

    Make sure you confirm with your hotel staff or at the temple’s website (
    http://www.dwarkadhish.org/) for the updated timings of aartis and darshans. A thorough temple tour should take you about 2 hours.
  • Once you’ve explored this temple to your heart’s content, head to the serene Gomati Ghat, which is only a short walk away from the Dwarkadhish Temple. The most sacred river according to Hindu legends is believed to be River Ganga. But often, River Gomati is considered to be nothing other than another name for Ganga, sacred, holy and a path for reaching spiritual awareness. Here at Dwarka, the Gomati river offers a chance for believers to wash their sins with a dip in its cool waters, over and above the sheer visual feast that lies before them. Experience the beauty of nature, when the winding streams of the river meet the vastness of the Arabian Sea, invoking the most philosophical thoughts in your mind! You can even take a short boating trip around the river for a mere INR 10. Ideally, you can keep an hour for this spot.
  • After the Gomati Ghat, your next stop could be the Rukshamanee Temple, just 2.5 km from here. Carvings, embellishments and utmost peace will accompany your visit to this lovely temple. Dedicated to Lord Krishna’s first consort, Rukmini, this temple, though smaller than many temples at Dwarka, is a must visit for its sheer architectural beauty and splendour, especially the paintings from 12th Century depicting her life with Lord Krishna. Strangely though, a curse is what caused Rukmini’s temple to be away from Krishna’s in the main city. The sage Durvasa cursed Rukmini while he came for a meal to their home and she drank water before the sage finished his meal. The curse meant that she would always be worshipped away from her husband and never in the same shrine. This temple now stands evidence to this poignant tale that speak of love and separation.
    Keep about 2 hours for this temple.

  • It should be close to lunchtime by now, so you could stop by at the several small restaurants and street-side stalls for a quick meal before you head off to the next touristy spot.

  • Your next stop for the day could be the Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple, about 18 km and 45 minutes by road from the Rukshamanee Temple. A beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, it houses one of the 12 holy Jyotirlingas of the country, the sacred places where the lord was believed to have appeared on earth. Legend has it that Lord Shiva defeated and killed a demon, Daruka, after which he appeared in a Shivalinga here. But before his death, the demon asked the god for a deathwish - that this place be named after him. Thus emerged another legend associated with the naming of Dwarka itself. You should keep about 2 hours to leisurely explore the temple and the area around it.

  • It would almost be evening by now and you could head back to the Dwarkadhish Temple for the night darshan and aarti. After this, head to your hotel for a fresh and hot vegetarian meal before you call it a night.

Day 2

  • Keep this day for an excursion to Beyt Dwarka, which will take you an entire day to cover. Start early in the morning so that you can take a ferry-ride to Beyt Dwarka before the sun gets too hot to bear. To reach Beyt Dwarka, you would first need to go till Okha Jetty Port and then take a lovely ferry ride to the island.

    The beautiful and regal kingdom of
    Lord Krishna was once believed to have existed and submerged here in the city of Dwarka. Many historians too believe this conjecture, especially since several remains have been found under the sea here, proving legends to be correct. About 30 km from the main city of Dwarka lies Beyt Dwarka, the town where Krishna’s kingdom and his family residence once existed. The court is the same where Dwarkadhish Krishna met his childhood friend Sudama and from where, much later, Mira Bai would merge away from the material world. The island also houses a Hanuman Temple, famed for being the site where Lord Hanuman battled his own son, Makaradhwaja.

    You could even choose to go
    scuba diving here, though it is ideal to take on a scuba diving adventure only between October and March for the greatest amount of visibility.
  • By the time you head back to the main city of Dwarka, it will be late evening. Attend that one last night darshan and aarti before heading for a warm Gujarati meal.

With this itinerary acting as your compass on this trip, you’ll never be at a loss for what to do or when. Go forth and finally begin that holiday you’ve always been waiting for!

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