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iXiGOers Dec 09 2012

What can be a suitable itinerary for Kanyakumari?

Mercy Jacob DEC 10 2012
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You have fallen in love head over heels in love with Kanyakumari and you might want to stay there forever but sometimes the best love affair depends more on the quality of time spent rather than on the quantity. So, this itinerary will help you woo Kanyakumari and make it remember you as much as you will after the vacation.

Day 1

  • As soon as you reach Kanyakumari, inhale the sea-scented air and call up your hotel, if you have booked your room in advance, and ask for a complimentary pick-up or they are not providing, look around for a cab or a taxi and board it for your place of stay. After checking in and refreshing yourself, have a sumptuous breakfast that will compensate for the energy spent in travelling. With a spring on your step, rush out of the hotel and rush to the southernmost tip of the country to catch the ferry to the famous Vivekananda Rock Memorial. You will encounter many stalls selling trinkets and pretty seashell souvenirs but buy it on the way back so that you can spend as much time musing over the beauty of the memorial as well as the sight of the sea and the plain on the other side. But before you reach the memorial, the ferry will stop at Thiruvalluvar Statue, get down and stand before the majestic statue of the great Tamil saint. You can also climb the statue, which will offer you a panoramic view of the town. Spend some time there and head for the memorial.

  • The mandapams filled with divinity will leave you speechless. Built on a rock in the middle of the sea, there is very little chance that you will encounter any place like this in other parts of the world. Don’t miss out the imprint in the shape of a giant foot, which is believed to belong to the Goddess Kumari Amman of Kanyakumari herself.

  • Take the ferry back and if you are not that hungry, take out some time to buy your favourite souvenir and after that its time to try out the famous dishes of Kanyakumari. Go back to your hotel for lunch or sit down to a delicious fish curry at the Ocean Restaurant or a vegetarian delight at the Hotel Saravana.

  • If you didn’t shop for any souvenir on your way back from sightseeing, its time to engage in a lively conversation with the shopkeepers for the choicest handicraft, with all the energy you have gained after the lunch. Alternatively, rent a surfing board and ride the waves to tone down or simply have some splashy fun. When you are done with all these you will be just in time for the perfect sunset. Watch the famous sunset from the beach, with its orange hues spreading across the water, occasionally broken by playful waves.

  • Head back to your hotel and since, it is the first day of your vacation, have a quiet in-room dining and stretch out your stressed body early.

Day 2

  • Have a light but nutritious breakfast of idli and paper thin dosa with a soupy and tangy bowl of sambar and set out for the Thiruparrapu Waterfalls. 45 km from Nagercoil will take you to a cascading downpour of water. An amazing sight will be forever engraved in your memory as the rays of sun touch the water and flickers of vibgyor lights reflect from each and every tiny drop. Do pack some snacks or lunch if you plan to have a picnic by the side of nature. Spend your morning there and give yourself a laid back relaxation that you totally deserve.

  • Grab a quick lunch, if your visit to the waterfall doesn’t include a picnic lunch. Non-vegetarians can go for seafood and vegetarians can relish the traditional South Indian vegetarian dishes. After that its time for some screaming, some splashing and some surprises at the Baywatch Amusement Park. Your kids will love it if you are bringing them with you! Get a little high with the roller-coaster ride or play with the water at the pool. Whatever you do, just see the smile on your kid’s face and everything will be worth another ride. Dry yourself and head out to the Wax Museum and acquaint yourself the life-like replicas of the famous celebrities.

  • By the time you return to your hotel, it will already be sunset and go again to the beach for the view, even if you saw it the evening before, your day will seem incomplete without a view of the rising or setting sun or both once you have learn to decipher its beauty ( which takes only one look at the scenic sight ). If you want your day to end, have a quiet dinner at the hotel or if your energy-level is still up, go out and have some fun, get a drink at one of the bars and unwind over your favourite drink.

Day 3

  • Wake a little bit early and experience the gentle rays of the morning sun. Have breakfast at the hotel and travel 3 hours to reach Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala for an off-destination tour. Soak up a little bit of the Pandya style architecture with the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple or see why the Kovalam Beach is so famous. A quick tour of the capital city and you are ready to head back to Kanyakumari. Since you are coming back on the bay itself, you could hire a cab for a round trip, which will costs you INR 3500.

  • Have lunch on the way back. You could try some roadside eatery stall for a change. No, don’t freak out. Sometimes the real taste of a place is not in the poised glassed restaurant but in the heart of the locales, where the locals have their meals.
  • Post-lunch, you can asked your cab-driver to take the route to Padmanabhapuram Palace and give yourself some Travancore treat with the wooden palace and its floral carvings. The palace, with its huge complex will take a fair amount of time but make sure you see all the interesting details, which are not to be left out at all.

  • It will be already evening, but before you head back to your hotel, try if you can squeeze in the Thanumalayan Temple or the Nagaraja Temple to your plan, then don’t forget to listen to the faint music as you touch one of the four pillars of Thanumalayan Temple or don’t forget to take prasad from the Nagaraja Temple, even though you might not want to eat it, you can keep it as the most unique souvenir.

  • Again, the sunset. Though you might want to rush back to your hotel after the long day, the sunset is addictive in Kanyakumari. So, see it to your heart’s full desire and go back to the hotel after that. After dinner, you might want to stroll at the beach if the moon is bright enough to shower down its silver light on the sands.

This is just a sample to make your travel plans easier. If this sample itinerary can accommodate so much, just imagine how much you can make it more interesting. You might want to visit a fort first or skip the amusement park, you might be an adventurous person, dying to start trailing the trekking route- the possibilities are immense but the best thing is that Kanyakumari has everything for everybody.

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