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iXiGOers Dec 09 2012

What can be a suitable itinerary for Uttarkashi?

Kapil Gumasta DEC 10 2012
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Stop scratching your head, it is not that difficult. Its not calculus nor geometry. You don’t have to divide the sightseeing spots by the number of days, which makes it not arithmetic. Think of it as a white canvas and go havoc with the sightseeing spots or think of it a poem and make full use of your poetic license. The only rule for this itinerary is to have lots of fun. Yes, as simple as that.

Day 1

  • As soon as you reach Uttarkashi, inhale the conifer-scented air, look around for a cab or a taxi and board it for your place of stay. After checking in and refreshing yourself, have a sumptuous breakfast that will compensate for the energy spent in travelling as well as the energy that you will need once you start exploring the place. With a spring on your step, rush out of the hotel and rush to the Vishwanath Temple, situated on the bank of river Bhagirathi and dedicated to Lord Shiva.

  • Since you have already started your praying spree, let it continue with visits to Goddess Kuteti Devi temple and round it off with a prayer in Shakti temple. Don’t just hastily make your wish and come back. With echoes of  holy chants and sound of the bells tolling, soak in the divinity of the place, which will increase as you learn about the legends associated with the temples.

  • Head back to your hotel and have a nice lunch and take a short refreshing nap and when you wake up you will be ready for your visit to the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering and its famous Himalayan museum, Kailas.

  • By the time you return to your hotel it will be already dark. Have dinner at the hotel, if it is Garhwali cuisine, its your lucky day. Stroll in the starlit night for a while and go to bed early as it is your first day of the vacation.

Day 2

  • Before you go, confirm with your hotel staff about the eating out places as it is going to be a long day or ask them if they can provide packed lunch. With the morning sunshine on your face, energising you up, head to the Gangotri National Park. Surrender yourself to the beauty of the place and explore the rich flora and fauna of the park, which will take up your whole morning.

  • After a quick lunch, brace up for the long awaited trekking to Dodital. Travel 32 km from Uttarkashi and you are ready to start trekking. Take your time, don’t miss out on anything as every sight is heavenly in this region.

  • After you reach Dodital, grab something to eat at the guesthouse near the lake and confirm with the authorities for dinner. Start pitching in your tent and try your luck at some quick fishing (only if you had taken permission ) and as night approaches, light up a bonfire.

  • You will be engrossed in the camping  but its not an excuse to skip dinner. So make your tummy happy with a quick dinner and the whole night is before you to stargaze as much as you desire until your eyelids droop and take you to dreamland.

Day 3

  • Wake up early, take bath and put a calm smile on your face. After a sumptuous breakfast at your hotel, start your trip to Gangotri or Yamunotri, both of which are one of the important destinations for Hindu pilgrimage. With prayer on your heart, trek upto the temples of both these spots and offer your sincere reverence to the goddess Ganga or Yamuna.

  • While you are there, make sure you explore the origin of the river Ganga and Yamuna. Next time when you see the rivers, you will feel as if you know it to the core. After this, if you are going returning to your hometown on the same day, stopover at Rishikesh. After days of serenity and soothing chants, feel the adventure of as screams from the bungee-jumpers mingle with those of the river-rafters and echo through the wilderness of Rishikesh.

This is just a sample to make your travel plans easier. If this sample itinerary can accommodate so much, just imagine how much you can make it more interesting. The possibilities are immense and the best thing is that it is all in your hands.

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