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Kritika Maurya Aug 05 2013

What's the worst trip you have ever had and why?

Shikha Gautam Aug 05 2013
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Talking of worst trips, I got at least dozen to talk about. But let me focus on the one that goes way over the 'worst' quotient -

It was on my way to Pathankot. On an overnight journey with a friend, who dozed off happily the moment we boarded. But I kept the vigil up, watching stars for hours. It was around 5 am when the roads started looking familiar. Remember I had never been to Pathankot before that. Sensing something amiss, I walked up to the driver, who said we were about to reach Jammu.

Pathankot was 100 kms behind the point where we were. Scared out of our wits, we got down right then, standing in cold and dark, with absolutely no clue. After some 30 odd minutes, we got a matador driver to give us a ride to the taxi stand.

The drive back to Pathankot from Jammu was in a vintage looking car, where the door handle came off as I tried to shut it. Music was probably the only thing working in the car.

There was no AC, no glass in two of the windows, and it was like riding in the storm. We reached Pathankot looking dirtier and dishevelled than we could ever look. Though it reads cool and fun, those 30 minutes on that desolate stretch on the road are undoubtedly the worst ones on a trip.

Wow, this is should be classified as one of the best trip IMHO :) What (mis)adventure!
Doulos Jose Aug 06 2013
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I see every misadventure/blunder in my travel as a fun & learning moment...and there is a long list to share.

the best this year: missing my flight (third time in a yr :D) home last April. I was awake all night so that i don't miss my flight. In fact i reached airport 3 hour early and was the first to check-in. Over-confident, i went to grab a coffee from the star-bucks (& of course, to check their quality in India) and returned to see my flight taxing away :D.

Aftermath: Paid another 9K (which i refer to as the actual cost of that coffee - the most expensive i ever had) and slept in an old tomb (centuries old) under the hot Sun and spoiled my travel plans with family. But, the chaos was fun indeed :)

PS: in another event, i did misplace my visa in Singapore and came back with no Visa...safely :D


Kirat S Aug 06 2013
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I have usually been quite lucky when it comes to vacations, planned or impromptu. Yet, when bad luck had to strike, it did and how. The holiday to Mumbai was planned a month in advance with tickets being booked, itineraries being chalked out and the works.

My excitement was bordering on uncontrollable happiness. I was travelling with a friend to meet another close friend in Mumbai. We had all been together since college and this was our first trip in years to meet her. Usually she was the one making rounds to Delhi to oblige us.

As the beautiful week descended, I was eagerly waiting for Friday. As I was going about my day in office, making dinner plans et al, my friend sent me the message that created havoc. She asked me when I planned to leave office, I, in turn, told her it might be a busy day and I might get a wee bit early. She innocently replied asking ‘‘Don’t we have a flight to catch?’’. And that was it. I had completely messed up the dates, I was suppose to travel that very day instead of the next day.

A lot of frantic calls, emotional drama and self loathing later, I was finally on my way to the airport. Everything did finally fall into place, I was well in time for the flight and Mumbai was waiting.

Oh, did I mention? I was travelling without any luggage for a three day trip.

Priyanka Dalal Aug 06 2013
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Somehow this is the first trip where I found unpleasant reactions from people - I don't know why - was it cause I was solo, or my western clothes (normal full pants n tee), or some other x factor. But people kept eyeing me and giving me weird reactions.

Finally fed up I wore the only salwar kameez I had with me for the next two days and that really improved people's reactions so I assume it was my western attire.

Also apparently the hotels there "are not allowed" to give rooms to single folks due to a LeT threat from Sri Lanka. (sounds like bull crap). Anyway couple of them including TTDC did give rooms.

The town was also overly commercialized for a small glass of buttermilk it cost 30/- and that too the glass would be filthy. So overall just not getting value for money and people acting all weird. So despite the awesome view and places to visit in Kanyakumari it is so far one of crappy trips I have had.

Now that I started thinking about the adventure, just blogged about it :) :


Debangana Sen Aug 06 2013
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This happened a good many years back, so the details are slightly hazy, but here's how it went. So I was travelling in a train somewhere (not really relevant, anyway). My travelling companions were a young newly married couple. Or atleast they looked newly married with the way they were making eyes at each other. And there was a mother travelling with 3 small kids. And she had just one reservation (I kid you not). How she imagined she could sleep with all three and her mighty self in that tiny seat, I had no idea. As it happened, I did find out later. And I wasn't very happy about it.

Two of the children belonged to that age where they feel compelled to ask a question after every 5 min, show endless curiosity about everything from other people's luggage to light switches, sieze the window seats, poke at you and laugh when you yelp and generally make it their life's mission to annoy everyone.

The remaining third was a month (or two) old infant and an absolute gem. Now, everyone knows babies are supposed to eat, sleep and look cute. That's all they have to do. Apparently this one didn't get the instruction booklet and decided to test out its lung capacity and then continuing further experiments with pitch, volume and timbre. He must have taken a break of maximum 40 minutes throughout the journey. When all our numerous glares and biting comments failed to have an effect on the mother, we had to give in, pretending deafness. After a while I could even make out a rhythm to the wails and I have little doubt that baby must have grown up to have one of the strongest pairs of lungs in the country.

Then night came. I had finished my dinner and was making my humble bed and at the same time, keeping a wary eye on the two little monsters cavorting about, lest they get any funny ideas. In hindsight, I realise I should've watched out for the mother as well. She approached me and asked if it was okay if one of the monsters share the bed with me. When I didn't look too enthusiastic, she started pleading earnestly. "Zyada space nahi lega. Ek kona pakad ke so jayga. Aap adjust karlijiye please" (He won't take much space and will stay cooped in a corner. Kindly adjust). In the end I did agree. In my defence, I was tired and the mother looked far from giving up.

We decided to sleep in the head-to-foot position. I lay down and closed my eyes. I was in the twilight zone beetween deep sleep and wide awake, when I realised i couldn't move my legs. I looked down to find the boy literally sleeping on my leg. When I tried to shake him off, I received a kick in the stomach for all my efforts. And then the real torture began. I shifted him only to find him back on my legs, stuck like a limpet. Apart from having my lower body paralysed, I received more kicks and punches than I care to count. And the one time I managed to change sides in the wee hours of the morning, I quickly had to turn back, for the newly wedded couple were necking and making out quite keenly . And if there was more going on, I didn't care to find out.

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