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Debangana Sen Apr 11 2014

Which are the 10 Best Souvenirs from Europe?

Anupriya Bedi Apr 11 2014
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Check out the beautiful and interesting compilation of 10 Best Souvenirs from Europe. Every country has its distinctive souvenir which one should definitely take back home as a memory of that particular destination. Some of them are really beautiful like Exquisite Venetian Masks while some are a bit weird yet interesting like Trolls. Take a look at these 10 Best Souvenirs and make a checklist of buying some of while on your trip to Europe.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Eiffel Tower Souvenirs in the form of miniatures, fridge magnets, keyrings and what not are found in abundance in Paris and is one of the 10 Best Souvenirs from Europe

Photo of Eiffel Tower Souvenirs (by Ximeg)

Trolls, Norway

Norway like all other scandinavian countries loves these creepy and small creatures known as Trolls. These little cute though weird creatures are worth bringing back home from Norway. They look adorable at least to me!!

Photo of Trolls (by Tina)

Venetian Masks, Venice, Italy

Venetian Masks is definitely one of the 10 Best Souvenirs from Europe. They are found in all shapes and exquisite designs in almost every nook and corner of Venice.

Photo of Venetian Masks (by Norbert Nagel)

Barcelos Roosters, Portugal

Miniature Barcelos Roosters is the national symbol of Portugal and is a popular souvenir to bring back home and is definitely one of the 10 Best Souvenirs from Europe.

Photo of Barcelos Roosters (by Bloomberg)

Matryoshka Dolls, Russia

The Nesting Doll known as ‘Matryoshka’ in russian is a really popular souvenir to bring back home from Russia. They are in different sizes are lies beneath one another according the sizes and are definitely one of the 10 Best Souvenir from Europe

Photo of Russian Nesting Dolls (by Annie Mole)

Swiss Army Knife & Swiss Chocolates, Switzerland

Swiss Army Knife is one of the popular Souvenir one can get back from Switzerland apart from the irresistible Swiss chocolates and watches.

Photo of Swiss Army Knife (by Official Website)

Swiss Chocolates are considered one of the finest chocolates in the World and are a must buy while you are in Switzerland

Photo of Lindt Swiss Chocolates (by Angel candy.baby)

Mozartkugel, Austria

Mozartkugel are the really popular ‘Mozart Balls’ and as Austria is Mozart’s birthplace, wherever you go you can’t escape the Mozart-esque souvenirs. The most popular are the “Mozart balls,” pistachio marzipan covered in dark chocolate and are definitely one of the 10 Best Souvenirs from Europe.

Photo of Mozart Balls (by Official Website)

One more souvenir can be bought back from Salzburg, Austria as there is a fairytale-like shop at City Centre only that sells Easter Eggs in myriad variety all year long.

Photo of Easter Eggs Shop (by Vienna Mom)

Manneken Pis Souvenirs,Belgium

Your trip to Brussels, Belgium is incomplete without haven't seen the famous statue of a peeing boy! Manneken Pis Souvenirs in the form of Bronze Wine Corkscrew is one of the 10 Best Souvenirs from Europe and one would find these in abundance throughout the whole city.

Photo of Manneken Pis Souvenirs (by Vaulted Coffers)

Vikings, Sweden

Vikings are the people from Scandinavian age who lived in most of the parts of Europe like Sweden, Norway and all and their miniatures is definitely one of the 10 Best Souvenirs from Europe

Photo of Vikings (by Worldwide Gifts)

Olive Oil & Flamenco, Spain

Spanish Olive Oil is known one of the best in the whole World and is definitely needs a little space in your suitcase when you are flying back from Spain.

Photo of Spanish Olive Oil (by Official Website)

Flamenco music is what you will hear everywhere in Spain and should definitely take back home one of the Flamenco CDs which will help Spain stay in your heart for a much longer time.

Photo of Flamenco CD (by Official Website)

Spanish hand held fans in different colors and designs is the first memory of every tourist in Spain.

Photo of Spanish Fans Souvenirs (by Sussane Koch)

You will find these 10 Best Souvenirs from Europe almost everywhere in their respective destinations. europe is a really big continent so if you have interesting additions to this compilation of souvenirs, Please feel free to add them!

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