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Simuran Kodesia Mar 24 2014

Where can I find the best coffee in the world ?

Vaishali Singh Mar 24 2014
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Can't start your morning without a cup of the magic potion? Show it some love when you travel to these places to experience the best ways to get a caffeine fix!

1. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Producing more than a third of the World's finest coffee, Sao Paulo presents a heady mix of caffeine and culture for the wanderlust stuck traveller. Do take out some time to go to the Coffee Lab when here.

Photo Courtesy Coffee Lab, Official Facebook Page

2. Rome, Italy

Italy follows the tradition of having specific types of coffee, at specific times of the day - So much so, if you order a cappuccino in the evening, the barista is in all likelihood going meet you with a look!

Photo Courtesy Coffeegeek at Wikimedia Commons

3. Melbourne, Australia

The reigning coffee capital of Australia, Melbourne always has a coffee trick or two up its sleeve to surprise you. When here, you must go to Seven Seeds for the magic potion.

Photo by arkwrightco, courtesy Seven Seeds, Official Facebook Page

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish worship coffee, probably for giving them the strength to get through the drill of everyday life. The result? You get the most amazing brews here in Copenhagen. Visit The Coffee Collective to know what I mean!

Photo Courtesy The Coffee Collective, Official Facebook Page

5. Vienna, Austria
One of the very few places in the world that can boast of UNICEF certification for its aromatic brews, Vienna has been the coffee hotspot for close to 3 centuries! Do try a steaming cuppa at Cafe Central here.

Photo of Cafe Central by Jason Wu

6. Lisbon, Portugal

The legendary Bica of Lisbon is more than just a shot of black coffee - it is probably the stuff Unicorns sip to be so majestic and beautiful. You'll realize why when you snuggle for a cup at Cafe A Brasileira .

Inside Cafe A Brasileira, courtesy Etasobal

7. Istanbul, Turkey

It is said, once upon a time, drinking coffee was a punishable offence in Turkey, but such was the Turkish fixation with Caffeine, that this law was happily broken. Find out why when you sip a Turk Kahvesi when in Istanbul.

Photo of Turkish Coffee by Eaeeae

8. Havana, Cuba

They say you never need an excuse to have Coffee in Cuba, it's a staple of your food intake! Take a sip of the Cuban brew at Cafe El Escorial in Havana!

Photo Credits: Julius Schorzman

9. Vancouver, Canada

I've heard that counting cafes in Vancouver can take one a lifetime. The city of Coffee Champions and master Baristas, this is one place that offers quite a handful of roller coasters for the taste buds to the caffeine devotees. Recommended: a cuppa at Revolver.

Photo by Revolver, Official Facebook Page

10. Taipei, Taiwan

If there is one place that pours love, sweat, pain and blood into their coffee brews (metaphorically, silly!), it has to be Taipei.

Photo by Morteforte

Hence, I conclude a list of destinations for a happy caffeine fix! Oh wait, is that a cup of good old daily coffee waiting by my desk? I'll get right to it!
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