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Anupriya Bedi Feb 20 2014

Where to go on a 1 day trip tour to Goa?

Benazir Khan Feb 20 2014
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Planning a one day trip to Goa? Of sarongs, bandanas, flirty shirts and fruity skirts, Goa is more than a macrocosm for a variety of fun. Quite akin to all the play with fashion when headed to for a good 24 hours trip to Goa--the finest gem of an erstwhile Portuguese colony. Your good old folks are likely to tell you, more often than not, that the port state is not somewhere to go to for just a one day tour. But well, there is something to be made out of a seemingly short span of time. The idea is to absorb the pulse of the state, in all its multitude--the fun and frolic on the beach, together with savouring the cooler bits.

Romantic Dinner

Aguada Fort

A Panjim to Aguada taxi will take a small amount of time to help you reach Aguada Fort. The fort was constructed around the 16th century, on orders from Dom Filippe of Portugal to protect the Portuguese fleet of ships against attacks from the Dutch. Built with keeping military shielding in mind, the fort was used as a full-time defence mechanism in itself, for probable land and sea attacks by the Portuguese defence wing. As one of the largest and the most impressive forts, out of several others in the port city, Aguada, means water in Portuguese and is a place you should definitely visit on your one day trip to Goa. Aguada Fort was named so, because of the embankment surrounding the fort which supply water to several ships arriving at the docks below after long sea voyages.

A photo of Aguada Fort (by Abhiomkar)

Basilica of Bom Jesus

One of the oldest and richest churches of Goa, this is also a renowned World Heritage Site. Mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier are preserved here. He was known to have travelled to India to spread the faith of Christianity amongst the Portuguese. Bom Jesus, literally translated stands to mean “Good Jesus.” Miracle is that when the saint’s body was being transferred from the city, the body was said to be as fresh as one can possibly expect it to be. Architecturally, Basilica of Bom Jesus boasts of the regal European splendour and with regard to the interiors, they are all done up with semi precious stones and the altar intricately in gold, which makes it a must-visit in your one day tour to Goa.

A photo of Basilica of Bom Jesus (by Yulam Libram D'Costa)

Kala Academy

A one-of-its-kind institute, this is one special spot in Goa, where one can head to for the arts. Film festivals, with some exquisite cinema fare from all over the nation, nooks, corners, pockets even and the world at large. What makes it special, is that if you are an avid and budding film maker, your contribution to the visions on the silver screen can be aired too and get noticed. It is a great platform to engage with the world of the visions and its craft, in your one day trip to Goa, whether you are a script/screenplay writer, director, producer, or merely an avid consumer of cinema and its myriad delicacies. The story of Kala Academy is replete with similar instances for the broad and beautiful spectrum of Fine Arts, Literature, Dance, Drama and Music.

A photo of Kala Academy (from the official Facebook page)

Big Foot Cross Museum

Maendra Jocelino Araujo Alvares is the artist who runs the popular theme of a recreation of Goan rural life as it was a century ago, in an open-air platform here. One can watch, observe and learn a lot about the lifestyle of the tribes and locals alike, as they are represented in the most authentic settings, that one can possibly replicate. Interesting speckles of details in the depictions of traditional occupations artisans, fishermen, liquor shops, breweries, distillation points and farmers even, add to the heightening of the experience in Big Foot Cross Museum in your one day tour to Goa. One realizes that the penchant for an overriding spirit to celebrate life in the mentioned fashion was not an alien concept even back then, although we date back to a century ago to study the the history and culture of Goa.

A photo of Goa's tribal life (by Nijgoykar)

Panaji Handicrafts Emporium

Head here to glance through an extensive brigade of crafts, collectibles and a hip shopping galore. Goan artisans adept with the local crafts exhibit their finest prints, designs and fabrics, spun, knit and put together for all travellers who come in here. Some exclusive local crafts to look forward to are--wood carving, brass metal crafts, seashell product making, papier mache and a wholesome bamboo craft in Panaji Handicrafts Emporium. Crochet and embroidery, fabric and Batik prints and a whole clothing range from it, including variant accessories made of conch shells and coconut by-products to go with it, simply lend the shopping spree, among other things to do in Goa a touch of glamour like nothing else in your one day tour.

A photo of Goan handicrafts (by Nagarjun Kandukuru)

Baga Beach

It does get important to hit the beach at the end of it all, after soaking oneself in the mystique of a town sunkissed by the surf and historic docks of yonder. Clear waters mix with the murky ones and blend some memories while whistling away sweet nothings, lying on the sea shore. Messages of course get carried over with the sands of time and for the ones who like to constantly be on the run - paragliding, scuba diving, wind surfing and merely motoring away in a water scooter will encrypt some good ones in your memory. Head to one of the many beach shacks lined up in Baga Beach later, to make the most of the local beer and finger foods, served at the drop of a hat and quite literally so. Do put on them dancing shoes, or simply do a barefoot number-a fine finish to your one day trip to Goa.

A photo of Baga Beach (by McKay Savage)

To the hilt and fore, Goa is not a place to pass away, even within the space where your limits collide with your lofty ambitions. Sand-clocked in time and space, take the leap of faith, book your kind of a Goa holiday package and simply javelin the day to as far as it can stretch.

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