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Mercy Jacob Feb 03 2014

Which are some of the best offbeat places in Thailand?

Benazir Khan Feb 03 2014
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To say that Thailand has become synonymous with popular culture will not be stating something which is far from the truth. From best offbeat places in Thailand to the best locations in Thailand’s geography at large, the choices come easy. Access, visual retreats and value for money in the pocket stand out as important factors when one thinks of a getaway here. Check out some holiday package deals with some interesting inclusions. Ideas come afloat, itineraries are a mere quick check-list away and one is set to leave and make the most of what they look forward to as a fun trip at so many levels.

But here’s the thing, how many of you would actually want to explore Thailand in a way which is never perceived of in a fashion that is light, embracing and yet spiritually enlightening. Exotic and untouched locales within Thailand, which make for great places to visit beckon you this coming trip to that chunk on the planet, which is rightly called “amazing.” Sounds dream like? Here’s how to live the dream with a fresh new eye..

North Thailand

Chiang Mai

“Rose of the North,” spell the attached credentials to Chiang Mai - read an umbrella for people from various ethnic diversities within the country, Royal Folk Art forums, and the giant panda, beset in the stark greens of the surroundings. Well for one, you get to mingle with tribes and and soak in the atmosphere of folk artists at work, whether dance, music or their general lifestyle habits and two, you get to spend some absolutely unhindered string of hours in the day with the adorable giant pandas in the national parks closeby. Never a bad idea to get to know the adorable closely!

A photo of Chiang Mai (by echiner1)

Chiang Rai

The quieter of the two towns, in a close proximity to each other, this is the more tranquil sibling with a history that links it to many parts of the world. Chiang Rai was the former centre of the World Opium Trade. Once here, the curious cat in you can take over to go on to explore the pockets in this town where the famous trade activities took place, the docks and peripheries from where goods for or from trade routes came in. Just a simple chat with the locals will guide you through their pointed directions atop sea cliffs where you learn the sea routes used for navigation for the purpose. Do check on the weather in Thailand to avoid a streak of rough weather while at it.

A photo of Chiang Rai (by Justin Vidamo)


Head to this town for the Loy Krathong festival, as it is undoubtedly celebrated best here. The Loy Krathong festival, is where thousands of waterborne vessels are lit up and left in the rivers to go adrift. The word Loy means - to float and Krathong implies - a vessel in the shape of a lotus, often made of banana leaves. Signifiers of the festival are aplenty, whether historically or culturally, the most important belief operative however remains that the krathong takes away all the bad luck of the time that went by and brings in happiness and peace for the times to come.

The belief that the krathongs are sent away to offer love and regard to Lord Buddha is also not far from strong belief. What steals the show are the several illuminated lanterns, called khom, that are lit up to eventually float up in the air. The resulting splendour will simply leave you awestruck. There is a similar popular offbeat activity option in South Thailand, albeit of a different nature, known as Thailand Off Road Adventures, which is worth your while too.

A photo of Sukhothai (by Oliver Spalt)

Central Thailand

Lop Buri

Rise and shine should happen on this chosen spot of the country every day, as every morning will be a wake to nature’s rapturous offerings. The town is blessed with at least 3,00,000 acres of sunflowers. The yellow of the sunflowers in the surroundings are bound to colour your day bright, as they are everywhere in this quaint, little town. Bright and sunny is a phrase which is bound to create ripples in your entire being, as sunflowers gather in canopies and seem to appear human embracing each other in their own little social gatherings. Don’t turn a deaf ear to their banter, as these beauties talk more beauty, in this breathtaking space. There are several honeymoon destinations in and around the town which are equally enchanting.

A photo of Lop Buri (by M. Lehmkuhler)

Samut Sakhon

The Sacred Bodhi Tree resides here. A beautiful hub where you can be one with nature and absorb the quietude of the surroundings, this is also a melting pot for many a believer. Simply detox here; body, mind and soul, as there is no place quite like this one, to revel in a meditative stupor and realise that being sensitive and spiritually close to the inner being is imperative to live happily. Sweet bamboo shoots, some lip smacking local produce of fresh fruits and ancient remains of an old civilisation gone by (the Dvaravati towns) simply complete the picture. Choose from among various ranges of hotels in Thailand and make your booking, to make the most of your trip to some of the best offbeat places in Thailand .

A photo of Samut Sakhon (by Ahoerstemeier)

South Thailand

Koh Tao

Paradise is not just another word you throw around for this enchanting town, such is the scenic beauty which isn’t restricted to merely the landmass. The water bodies here are equally splendid and is a swarm of a meeting point for scuba divers from all around the world. Snorkelling and scuba diving are activities which draw people to this town where most parts are untouched by any human activity, save the daily routine of the charming little cluster of inhabitants that have been residing here since times immemorial. The land of hillocks, Krabi, which is closeby is a very alluring option as well.

A photo of Koh Tao (by Franz Winter)

Phang Nga

Stunning bling that holds your attention, as the hours flit by are a natural draw to this place, together with mullings that accompany your vision while standing over the edge of the bay. Blanketed with the sands of time and the coast of Khao Lak, the Surin and Similan islands are a far cry beyond the not-quite-yet, not-quite-there and to keep it simple are simply aesthetic in every which way. Once here, keep absolutely nothing chalked out in the to-do and to-see. Everything around will make your heart sing. Take a look at some of the prime things to do in Thailand and you will know that this place is very unique.

A photo of Phang Nga (by Rene Ehrhardt)


Waterfalls and meandering fresh water springs, together with a large family of chirpies for companions through your extensive walks through this province is a great idea! This is the one spot on Earth, where you will be able to hear them birds chirping loud and clear. If you wait longer and crane yourself to understand the slow humdrums of their speech, you’ll probably make some good friends and take home some lovely memories too. Much awaited through the year, is the Annual Dove Festival that is held here that draws several visitors to this region to watch the species who give you the insight that peace is not just a five letter word. The island of Phuket rings a similar bell on the conscience.

A photo of Yala (by Ben Kucinski)

North Thailand


Rechristened as “Moon City,” Chantha meaning moon and Buri implying city, this is the land of the Thai at its placid best. Away from all the hobnobbing, the town is a quiche of countryside with all its toppings in place. Look forward to enjoying the melody of the sheer silence further into the night by simply carrying a mat atop a hillock and spreading it on the grass for your sleep under the stars. If local grapevine is to be believed, the night sky is magical when gazed upon from this town, as the moon is closer from the horizon. Of pixie dust and miracles, the frame is as magical as it gets! Similar experiences that cannot be missed in Thailand are also worth taking a look at.

A photo of Chanthaburi (by Khaosaming)

North-East Thailand


A Pandora’s box full of all kinds of goodies and some baffling elements - read the official residence of the million-year-old dinosaurs, together with being the land of Pong Lang Music and Phu Thai Culture, Kalasin is a cocktail of a unique kind. The Lam Pao River flows through the town’s periphery and the gushing of the waters can be heard in different pockets of the town. When you crane your necks to get a 360 degree view, don’t be too nonplussed to find yourself swinging to the beat of the waters and the folk beats alike.

Hillocks and lush greens on one end and the distinct dotting of the landscape with shops that harvest and sell Phrae Wa Silk, a typical variety of silk which is used to make different kinds of exquisite clothing in Thailand, further complete the picture. This simply enriches one’s experience of shopping in Thailand.

A photo of Kalasin (by Ahoerstemeier)

I hope the stereotype withers away. Thailand is beyond being a mere ravishing maiden, she is also a soft-hooked beauty, with a sweet symphony that will mesmerise you beyond your reckoning. Till then, only time and imagination will tell, until you quickly plan your trip to some of the best offbeat places in Thailand. Bon Voyage.
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