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Kshitiz Ahuja Jan 21 2014

Which are some of the best rare locations that films have been shot in around the world?

Benazir Khan Jan 21 2014
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Cinema is a visual retreat, a story unfolding in the recesses of different corners of a canvas, painting a story as the brushstrokes of the storytelling meanders. Some of the best rare locations that films have been shot in around the world carry you through this distinctive joyride in its myriad forms. Revolting time, place or situation, it warps you in that part of geography which suddenly through the length of the film starts seeming familiar. The complete picture - sordid, sublime or sunny is breathtaking, owing to the inevitable coquettish emotional equivalence with the visual.

Amelie - French

Offbeat locations in the city of Paris - read Montmartre, Rue St. Vincent, Au Marche de la Brute, Cafe les Deux Moulin, 15 rue Lepic, are locations in the city that iconic scenes in the movie were filmed in. To help with the recollections, Cafe les Deux Moulin was the place where our beloved Amelie worked and had her first romantic realisations about the boy in question.

A photo of Amelie (by Roby)

Au Marche de la Brute is where Amelie in her frivolous nature excites the childish curiosity of a blind man in the grocery store, describing in an excitable fashion the colours and sweet smells that lay strewn around. Paris is sure seen in a light that is akin to popular perception, but with a twist of the forlorn and the eyes of a dreamer.

36, Chowringhee Lane - Bilingual - English and Bengali

The film was infact shot at a location very close to the address - 36, Chowringhee Lane. Namely around 26, Chowringhee Lane, which also gave a very comprehensive view of a - then Calcutta’s premier residential areas for the local populace. One gets to see the famous local attractions Indian Museum, Eden Gardens, Maidan and other places to visit close by, which form the core of a regular Calcuttan’s life even today.

A photo of Chowringhee (by MJJR)

The norm of walking through this knot of proximity of areas, is well depicted in different sections of the film, as is the close knit bond of thinkers intellectualising the experiences they have and the bonds they share, in the confines of the space that is the house address, which only becomes symbolic as lines from King Lear is quoted on the closing note of the film.

Avatar - English

James Cameron’s directorial vision after Titanic and a decade’s foresight into the future in place, this is a story which broke all known commercial success records in the box office - read grossed over 2 billion dollars. Not only does this fact factor in the responsiveness of popular public opinion but also made for a highly cult classic of the 21st century cinema viewing experience as the film combined technology with the arts at a very sophisticated level. Most renowned people in the industry are of the strong view that it was the happy marriage of the two - the stark, bold cinematography together with the power packed software infusions on the editing table that did the trick for this blockbuster!

A photo of Avatar (by Rego Korosi)

The floating mountains in the Alpha Centauri star system were shot in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China which are now rechristened as Avatar Hallelujah Mountains. See and do what you can in China, sooner than later - choose from some fabulous package deals to China. The ripple effect of mountains afloat, the soft smothering of the screen with your vision, through the clear bold starkness of colour, coupled with minimum jeopardy of other hues in the pallette made for some scenes which have imprinted themselves in the memories of a lot of cinema goers all around the world.

Kabul Express - Hindi

Kabul and other war ridden and controversial parts of Afghanistan post a 9/11 world formed the core of the movie. The movie depicts the experiences that five different individuals go through in their journey together through Afghanistan. The story of the journalists involved herein as individuals trying to document a reality gains further impetus through the emotional graph of the movie. This has its leaps and falls with the visible onslaught of the beautiful rugged mountainous terrain. The weather in Kabul is also made very apparent in the same context.

A photo of Kabul (by Peretz Partensky)

Kabul Express this way is also a misnomer for the obstacles that they face finding their way while exploring the war ridden land of Afghanistan - as the journey is anything but an “express” one. The distraught human relationships between the perceived “locals,” as opposed to Hazaras and the Taliban who come into the picture provide a valuable insight into the political situation in Afghanistan.

127 Hours - English

“The survivor story,” as it was popularly nicknamed was shot extensively inside the voids, ravines and caves of the Utah Bluejohn Canyon and the Colorado river. Jet boating, skiing and merely hiking, made for a presumptuous state of variably feeling like one was in the shoes of the hiker in question. The spiking rise of bile and adrenaline couldn’t have gone unnoticed what with intricate manner in which the shooting of James Franco canyoneering through the movie was captured and later edited.

A photo of Utah (by Thomas Schoch)

Thrills involved with the jumping, slipping, and almost falling into the depths of the canyon were engaging owing to the intimacy between the camera with the red rock faced mountains of Utah. Depiction of his deep love for the thrill of the climb was not compromised with, despite being so close to death, as A R Rahman and Dido closed the film with the very soothing number of ‘If I Rise.’

Babel - English

Power packed and highly emotionally charged, there is not a second that this film will rob of that feeling of how intricately connected this whole planet is. The movie is one of a kind which shows a transgression and a regression at the same time in differing scenes of how one situation leads to another, as a spin-off and how our choices subsequently affect people at large and put a chain reaction in motion.

A photo of the Moroccan desert (by Gilgemesh)

It is shot extensively through desert locations in Morocco - which is symbolic of the parched times, in need of an oasis and the everyday streets, lanes and bylanes of Japan - shot to imply loneliness in a land full of possibilities. The cinematography of the film owing to these distinct locations, heightens the significance of interlocked realities of four different stories operating at the same time. To add to the experience, soul stirring music by Gustavo Santaolalla drenches the soul. Babel undoubtedly tops the chart of one of the best rare locations that films have been shot in around the world.

The Lord of the Rings - English

An epic fantasy trilogy at its peak, the entire film, a series of 3 parts was shot entirely in New Zealand with a whopping 280 million dollar budget. The ambitious project encapsulated the crux of the tale of the happenings in the fictitious world of ‘Middle-Earth,’ the quest to destroy the ‘One Ring,’ which was followed by the subsequent victory of the ‘Free Peoples of Middle Earth’ in the ‘War of the Ring.’

A photo of the Hobbiton location (by Rob Chandler)

Locations in New Zealand were extensively used for the filming of the movie - Wellington, Matamata, Nelson, Mackenzie Country, Canterbury, Southern Lakes and Fiordland. You could book a package to explore this very unusual choice of destination for a holiday. A whiff of a whole new world came by with the choice of filming in a landscape which was unusual albeit surreal like New Zealand’s. It made for a healthy choice for projecting a whole new world - with the elements of paradise and the dark world factoring in and made it one of the most widely commercially acclaimed and grossing movie of all times.

The Godfather - Bilingual - English and Sicilian

Perceived as one of the greatest films in world cinema till date, this wonderful reel of film, (and quite literally so), which chronicles the life of Michael Corleone from a reluctant fundamentalist to his rise as one of the deadliest Mafia bosses, under the leadership of his father Vito Corleone, is a piece of work! Although a major chunk of the movie was filmed in New York city, to depict vivid scenes of crime and actual situations, the exteriors of the movie were shot in the Sicilian towns of Forza d’Agro and Savoca in the scenic landscape of Italy.

A photo of The Godfather (TRF_Mr_Hyde)

The dark underbelly of the real workings of this Italian mafia showed New York in a different light, as they did the happy town of Sicily in Italy. The idea of taking law in their own hands by the mafia is masked by the sheer charm of the righteous spirit with which Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) and Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) conduct their affairs, through these two cities.

Seven years in Tibet - Multi-lingual - Tibetan, Mandarin, German, English

A touching saga of two mountaineers finding their way through the Himalayan foothills in North India, the story spans the Himalayan stretch of the North Indian terrain to Lhasa, in Tibet. Brad Pitt who plays the protagonist gets arrested during this interim period with his mountaineering friend, for misidentification, as this is the period of the Second World War and the two are thrown into a lock up in Dehradun.

A photo of Tibet (by Heringf)

They eventually escape into the high plateaus and reach Lhasa, where they end up spending time in Tibet, in a close acquaintance with a young tutor who changes his life - the Dalai Lama. You could also find out about the best way to reach Lhasa from your current location. Tibet has simply never been explored this way before.

Baran - Silent and Persian

Iran is a masterpiece in this movie. Through colour, form or structure, the stencil of rough exteriors are moulded by the soft rubbings of the mullings of an everyday romance in the picturesque Iran. Soft musings over a vegetable dropped off, or even the bit where Lateef discovers that Rehmat whom he has been frowning over, is infact a girl named Baran are iconic scenes worth reminiscing over.

A photo of Iran (by Hamed Saber)

The bit where Lateef accidentally witnesses a session where he sees her comb her hair which drops over her bosom make for quiet remembrances and lingerings for the audience at large. The silence makes for even more powerful moments in the movie. Iran’s landscape of greens, riddled with bold strokes of reds, blues and washed off paints on houses and market places make for a serene but stark contrast of a romance which never was.

The Sound of Music - English

Salzburg, Austria is where most of the shots of the mansion were filmed. The Villa Von Trapp, of the “Don Von Trapp mansion fame,” was shot in a 17th century country house for its exteriors - which has now gained the recognition of the Mozarteum Music Academy. Aigen - a suburb, which lies on the south east quarters of the old town, overlooking a tranquil lake was where the Villa Trapp mansion was filmed for a panoramic view. This is now a famous lakeside hotel in Austria by the same name of Von Trapp. There are several such scenic hotels in Austria.

A photo of the Von Trapp family (by Stephenson, Al)

The scenes that come to mind instantly are the ones where Julie Andrews comes by frivolously, shot in Residenzplatz, playing with her hat and crooning her vocal chords to the melody, “I have confidence in me,” filled infact with self-doubt at playing a governess. Ofcourse, ‘picturesque,’ is an understatement for the Winkler Terrace and later the southern suburbs of the old town of Salzburg, where the iconic song “Do Re Mi” was filmed.

The pictures have motion prefixed before them for more than just the reason of a reel in motion. Have a great time at the movies, as you absorb some of the best rare locations that films have been shot in around the world.
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