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Debangana Sen Apr 09 2014

Which are the best Easter Eggs around the World?

Anupriya Bedi Apr 09 2014
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Easter is round the corner so check out a really beautiful compilation of 10 Best Easter Eggs around the World. Easter is a festival that celebrates Christ’s rising and Egg is a symbol of new birth and evolution. Easter Eggs also known as Paschal Eggs are really popular and are distributed as gifts during Easter.

Pysanky Easter Eggs, Ukraine

Pysanky are really beautiful Easter Eggs from Ukraine which are decorated with traditional Ukrainian designs using the Batik method wherein the eggs are not painted on but handwritten using beeswax. These eggs look one of the Best Easter Eggs around the World.

Photo of a mix of modern, diasporan and traditional Ukrainian Pysanky (by 1 banaan)

Easter Eggs, Czech Republic

Hanácké kraslice, a traditional way of decorating Easter eggs with straw in the region of Haná, the Czech Republic. This is one of the Best Easter Eggs picture..isn't it!!

Photo of Easter Eggs Straw Decoration at Czech Republic (by Jan Kameníček)

Knitted Easter Eggs, Poland

Its quite unusual but really pretty to see Polish people make intricately woven knitted Easter Eggs to gift on Easter in Poland. These cute knitted Polish Easter Eggs are one of the Best Easter Eggs around the World.

Photo of Knitted Easter Eggs in Poland (by Silar)

Red Easter Eggs, Greece

Easter eggs in Greece are painted red representing the blood of Christ and rebirth.

Photo of Traditional Red Easter Eggs (by Official Website)

Easter Eggs in Athens Market, Greece are beautifully painted unlike the tradition of painting them plain red.

Photo of Easter Eggs in Athens Market (by Reinhard Kirchner)

Easter Eggs, Norway

In countries like Norway and Sweden, Easter Eggs are decorated on a small tree branch and are used as a table decorative showpiece

Photo of Easter Eggs Decoration (by Goldi 64)

Pisanica Easter Eggs, Croatia

Pisanica are the Croatian Easter Eggs decorated with beautiful and colorful paints and designs like doves, crosses or floral ones. They use either the Batik method or Applique method to decorate the eggs in Croatia

Photo of Traditional Easter Eggs in Croatia (by Neoneo13)

Slovenian Easter Eggs

In Slovenia, these are one of the Best Easter Eggs that are made using the desanka technique wherein the artist uses the point of a sharp instrument to carefully scratch the pattern onto the egg.

Photo of Slovenian Easter Eggs (by Official Website)

Easter Eggs Tree, Germany

In Germany, the entire tree is being decorated with Easter Eggs.

Photo of Easter Eggs Tree in Germany (by Andrew Poison)

Marguciai Easter Eggs, Lithuania

Marguciai are the Eastern Eggs in Lithuania decorated by two methods. One is that they are dyed naturally with onion skins, beets, flower petals, hay, and tree bark etc. and the other is wax-resist method.

Photo of Marguciai Easter Eggs (by Algirdas)

Chocolate Easter Eggs

These are the Best Easter Eggs as they are a true Chocoholic’s heaven with different chocolate layers like white milk chocolate layer and dark chocolate layer and liquid chocolate filled inside it.

Photo of Chocolate Easter Eggs (by alasam)

Its commendable to see how beautifully these eggs are decorated and ornamented. Sometimes they carry a personal message and sometimes simply painted exquisitely. In modern times, usually chocolate eggs or plastic eggs filled with jelly and other confectionery items are also distributed. So these were the 10 Best Easter Eggs around the World according to me. If you have some more beautiful pictures, please feel free to add them. Happy Easter!!

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