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iXiGOers Nov 12 2013

Which are the best places to visit in India in January?

Debangana Sen Nov 26 2013
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Check out the best places to visit in India in January and start the new year on a great note. There’s a common belief that the way you spend the first day of the new is reflective of how the rest of the year would be like for you. So, in order to get you started on the right foot check out these amazing holiday destinations. After all, I believe that travelling to a new destination is the best way to start your new year.


January is probably one of the best times to visit the "City of Joy". From Rabindra sangeet playing at roadside stalls to the frenzied crowds at football matches, to intense discussions on politics, philosophy, literature and almost everything under the sun, in coffee houses and clubs--the city’s culture is a living breathing presence in every corner. And when it comes to street food, Kolkata is a hands down winner. With a culture that is equally obsessed with food as it is with music, politics and football (in a good way) no less can be expected. Here is a list of places to visit in Kolkata. Kolkata also is a great base for trips to Sundarbans, Mandarmani, Rasikbeel or Digha.

Photo by Indianhilbily

Daman & Diu

Famous for its historic forts, churches, temples and beautiful beaches, Diu is a must visit for those who are looking for less crowded and less popular destinations. Brimming with a fascinating Portuguese history, and sharing such close contact with Saurashtra geographically, Diu has a very distinct culture that is an interesting blend of the two. Also, it is a major fishing town so incredible variety of seafood is guaranteed. Diu Fort, Nagoa Beach, Ghogla beach, Panikotha Fort, Diu Jail and Naida Caves are some of the places to visit in Diu.

Photo of Diu Fort (by Aotearoa)


A quaint little town in the Wayanad District of Kerala, Kalpetta is far away from the usual touristy places in God’s own country, which makes it on this list of the best places to visit in India in January. Located on the route that lies between Kozhikode (Calicut) and Mysore, Kalpetta is full of natural beauty and serenity. This is the perfect place for nature lovers, hikers, and wildlife enthusiasts. Brahmagiri, Chembra peak, Edakkal Caves, Kuruvadweep are some of the popular places to see in Kalpetta.

Photo of Kuruvadweep (by Vinayaraj)


How about a trip to the North-East? Phawngpui or the Blue Mountains are the highest peak in Mizoram. This is a great place for nature adventurists and serious trekkers. From the peak you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Mizoram Valley. It also contains a number of challenging cliff, the views from which will be imprinted on your mind. A must see before you die place. The Phawngpui National Park is also open during this time of the year. It is teeming with various flora and fauna. Also, this place holds special interest for those who are interested in the supernatural. The dense forest of the national park is believed to be haunted. With so much to explore and experience, no wonder it is one of the best places to visit in India in January.

Photo of Phawngpui (by Yathin S Krishnappa)

Chadar Trek

Another destination for serious adventure lovers. This one constitutes walking on a frozen river for 7-8 days in a white snowy expanse, devoid of human population. Chadar Trek is one of the popular treks in Leh and is possible only till the time the Zanskar River is frozen and it provides the only access access to Leh and the rest of Ladakh for Zanskar locals living in the Padum or Lingshed region, as all the roads and passes are shut down due to heavy snowfall. During summers, the same river becomes a favoured spot for white water rafting. This is a somewhat challenging trek, but the memory of this "once in a lifetime experience" stays with you forever.

Photo of Chadar Trek (by Partha Chowdhury)


Home to the famous Golden Temple, Amritsar is also on the list for best places to visit in India in January. Here’s why. The city beckons with its myriad charms. As a centre of Sikh religion and the site of the Jallianwala massacre, it offers a lot of interesting and soul-stirring attractions. Amritsar has many interesting and soul-stirring attractions. Experience the devotion of visitors from various religion pay their respects at the Golden Temple and visit the Wagah Border and view the pompous ceremony held by the armies of India and Pakistan. To know more, check out places to visit in Amritsar.

Photo of Golden Temple (by Vinish K Saini)


This one is a complete wildlife destination with the Kabini Wildlife Reserve in Karnataka, on the banks of the Kabini River. Brimming with verdant beauty, waterfalls and wildlife, this is a treat for every wildlife enthusiast. Take an elephant safari and explore the teeming wildlife in the reserve or sit back and relax and enjoy the exquisite beauty of the surrounding nature. This is a great place to come to for a some R&R away from the hassles of the city. Please check this listing page on places to visit in and around Kabini for more information.

Photo by Yathin S Krishnappa


Forget France and Italy, head over to India’s own wine country. From vineyards, orchards, orchids, temples--Nasik in Maharashtra has it all and more. It is a throwback to older, slower times and has a fascinating heritage, but aspires to become a modern city. Nasik also has strong links to Ramayana. It was here that Lakshman cut off Surpanakha’s nose for trying to seduce Rama. it is the home to one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India. Follow this link on places to see in Nasik for more information.

Photo by coolgama

So these were the best places to visit in India in January. Hope this gives you a great start to this new year. Bon Voyage! However, if you want to explore what all is stored in February, please check the best places to visit in India in February.

Purnendu Singh Nov 13 2013
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Anywhere in the sunny South and West, be it the beaches of Kerala or Goa or the temples of Tamil Nadu, you will be comfortable during the month of January. The sun will not be too harsh and the cold will be pleasent.

How about Lakshadweep and the Andamans? Would you have any insights? Also, is a cruise better or should I fly?
Oops, yes Andamans and Lakshdweep should come in the list too. Lakshdweep is a little pricey though. Between cruise and flight, I would choose the air route to avoid sea sickness.
Purnendu Singh Nov 13 2013
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Anywhere in the sunny South and West, be it the beaches of Kerala or Goa or the temples of Tamil Nadu, you will be comfortable during the month of January. The sun will not be too harsh and the cold will be pleasent.

Syed Mujahid Pasha Jan 11 2014
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Sahil Jadon Dec 09 2015
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Goa, Jaisalmer, Sikkim
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