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Saumya Srivastava Feb 25 2014

Which are the best summer holiday destinations from Kolkata?

Benazir Khan Feb 25 2014
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Of monologues in a one way, or a freeway, summer holiday destinations from Kolkata in West Bengal hold far etched fantastic pathways in its beautiful panorama of a landscape. To give you a little insight, we’ll have to move beyond the enchanting and iconic subject city for most photographers - Kolkata. They, the photographers, i.e., are often known to have gotten lost in its myriad streets admiring its battered down beauty, especially during the rains. Here’s a read on all that is left to be explored beyond Kolkata and all that the British kakas left behind.


Picture this - Stately tea estates, with acres of streamlined bird shaped meadows - where one ends the other begins. Plantation workers with their baskets on their heads are constantly chirpy just like birds that surround the vicinity. Then there is a beloved cup of promise - tea, while you silently chug away to glory on board the ancient miniature steam engine through the winding ravines of Darjeeling.

A photo of Darjeeling (by Vikramjit Kakati)


Picture this - A quiet town seemingly abuzz with trade activities, in its fulcrum, crowns out to an unhindered natural space on its peripheries - read scenic vistas cradled in nature’s lap. Whether agriculture, horticulture or simply the weather, you name it and there is something to explore individually in every nook and corner here. In Siliguri, the woolly clouds and a slight chill in the air only add to the experience.

A photo of Siliguri (by Sayantani)


Picture this - Maharshi Devendranath Tagore, the erstwhile visionary enroute a journey through Bengal from Raipur, happened to come across this spot. Lush green paddy fields, with oodles of red soil caking its exteriors arose a kindling akin to the romantics of yore in him. He planted some more shrubs and other domestic plants to make it a home, which later became a learning spot, a spiritual hub and an abode for the seeker of wisdom in the silences. It came to known as Shantiniketan.

A photo of Shantiniketan (by wikimedia commons)


Picture this - A shallow sand stretch of a beach, extends far into the coastline as much as into the conscience. Just as instantly one’s toes begin to lose themselves in the balmy wet sand just soaped with waves that left only to rush back to bathe the sand this time. Casuarina trees surrounding the place and the outstretched shades of orange and pink against the sunset sky simply paint a soothing picture of Digha.

A photo of Digha (by Tkm1988)


Picture this - A major river port and industrial area today, the town sees a huge bustling crowd near its port side, right through the insides of the city. One can picture man puller trolleys and cartons and cartons of cargo being pushed through at various pockets. However, the myriad forms of labour also transport you to the riverside, a tributary of the river Ganges, which gives one a peek a boo into an era gone by. Altogether, very picturesque! Weather in Haldia at the moment makes for a great time of the year to visit Haldia.

A photo of Haldia (by Thomas Daniell)


Picture this - Rewind back in time, since the Bardhaman gets its present name from being named after Vardhaman Swami or Mahavira - the 24th and most renowned ‘tirthankara’ of Jainism, as he spent some time here in the ‘astika grama’ in the city. In honour of the same, the place still holds true to its age-old christening. Read its enormous historic presence and the edifices that are lined up here among other places to visit in Bardhaman, which makes it one of the best summer holiday destinations from Kolkata.

A photo of Bardhaman (by Mondal.koustav)


Picture this - Kangsabati Reservoir’s banks oversees this beautiful district in its lap. The district is a hotspot for film shooting units and picnickers, since pockets of the place seriously inspire the impulsive feelings of being carried away. Getting lost in one of the dense forests with rivulets dancing around its exteriors is not a very bad idea in Purulia during the day, provided you have good company and you do it within prohibited limits. Or you could simply take an overview of the greens on a short visit and head off to other things to do in Kolkata.

A photo of Purulia (by facebook/Love_Purulia)


Picture this - Of rivers and its various sub tributaries, fishermen and coconut collectors; the town gives one a complete experience of indulgence of one’s sense. Visions and tastes come aplenty on the platter, among other typical dishes in places to eat in Kolkata. Hilsa fish, a wonderful freshwater variety caught in Kolaghat is a special delicacy, served up with mustard oil. Dig in to find out why.

A photo of Kolaghat (by Jagadhatri)


Picture this - A beach resort, Mandarmani makes the usual promises, sun, sand, surf, but with a twist. A symphony of sounds and sights, the place is popular but never so crowded, so you can make the most of it your way, and make the phrase - ‘your own sweet time’ come alive. Besides the other places to stay in Kolkata, the main city, this is a welcome break.

A photo of Mandarmani (by Joydeep)

Rasik Beel

Picture this - Bird watchers ahoy! Find your happy place, zone of concentration and sheer joy in the several quiet quarters strewn about Rasik Beel. However small or big, each of these chirpy folks will carry a message for you, which is a welcome break from some measured human ways of conduct. The adorability of it all is sure to bowl you away.

A photo of Rasik Beel (by Pranab Bhadra)

Beyond some sacred “alone times” and escapades which are only known to the most tranquil of admirers, there is also a lot to be said about the soul these places breathe into the very life of emotion and the art of simply staring out of admiration. summer holiday destinations from Kolkata therefore suit those who have a huge thing for nature’s burst of glory every now and then. Besides, serene green rows, marked with jagged lines of browns in intervals make for the perfect sanctum for those who seek them in these various places to visit in Bengal.
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