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Jigyasha Prasad Feb 13 2014

Which are the best underwater hotels in the world?

Benazir Khan Feb 13 2014
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What happens when fantasy merges with tweaks in physics? Not rocket science but a resulting concept which is cool in its every inherent sense. The inertia of the thrill about it cannot be can barely be contained as we talk about some of the best underwater hotels in the world.

Jules Undersea Lodge

The world’s first underwater hotel, Jules Undersea Lodge was perhaps the earliest construct with regard to such a concept. Several hoteliers and avid ideators who thought of this before in America, but couldn't seem to replicate it, saw the idea blossom into reality in the 1970s. The lodge is one-of-a-kind and visitors who are non-divers are given a mandatory 3-hour crash course in scuba-diving, before they can make a nest in their quarters.

A photo of scuba diving (by Kellie)

Picture this - the entrance to the hotel is in itself 21 feet under the surface of water, touching the sea floor here. Unrestricted views of the seaside beckon and seek to keep your attention in captivity as long as you seek an abode here.
Where: Florida

Poseidon Undersea Resorts

The ocean is their ‘playground,’ as they put it in the resort and in Fiji at large. The resort aims at unfurling some of the best maritime adventures one can think of - scuba diving, entwining oneself around their personal Triton submarine, passing by lagoons and indulging in marine spa treatments. Some of the best dining experiences come out of the Poseidon Undersea Resorts- wherein one can dine in style with a view of the sea like no where else. The coral reefs surrounding the lagoons, replete with all kinds of aquatic nemesis, make for a pretty picture.

A photo of an underwater habitat (by OAR)

Picture this - Lagoons make way for reefs which drop into an abyss, which in turn provide an entryway into a virgin chunk of the deep blues. The thirst of your keen eye and the curious cat instinct can be quenched through any one of the submersibles at horde here.
Where: Fiji

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel

Situated in the Persian Gulf, a little off the famous Jumeirah Beach, the maiden venture - Hydropolis Underwater Hotel is in its final stages of construction and is slated to release soon. Touted to be the ‘first ever underwater luxury hotel,’ this is a historic first for the world luxury segment at many levels. The deep waters are moulded into this archetype to surround the figure of a man. Intricacies in details about the architecture of the place, extends upto simple details like loops and pipes designed according to the shape of the nervous system.

A photo of underwater environment (by Fascinating Universe)

Picture this - A roof shaped in the form of a petal to retract and thereby leave room for the panoramic view of open-air activities to enjoy against the splendid night sky, with the blues of the ocean overwhelming the view from one of the best underwater hotels in the world.
Where: Dubai

The Water Discus Underwater Hotel

Interesting and quirky, this is a concept in Poland that takes off from the very moment you step foot into this dual disc hotel. The two discs signify and stand for two entirely different spaces within the same space - read underwater and above-the-water ones which are consequently interlinked. The quirky and the part that is pure fun and frolic, is the adjustability of each disc to local conditions - weather and temperature alike.

A photo of the ambiance of the underwater hotel (by Rafael)

Picture this - Hobnob to the outer world and go right back to the inner realms, as all are marvellously connected by an elevator which serves both as a stairway to heaven and home.
Where: Poland

Utter Inn

This one is a modest, sketchy modus operandi for a hotel at all, but nevertheless deserves a mention. This adorable little one-room accommodation provides a lodger with the opportunity to put up 3 metres below Lake Malaren. A relatively less thrilling deal, but not less enchanting nevertheless. The owner Mikael Genberg, constructed this on one of his several sculpting sojourns and it has been a getaway ever since among other things to do in Sweden.

A photo of underwater species (by merelymel)

Picture this - A modest little cottage, red in colour, with white to contrast the edges with the mainframe; watch out for a view of the local lake - a visual experience like no other and the fishes who come to say hello while you are still wrapped up in your sheets.
Where: Sweden

The experience is both mystical and pure, as it is vivid and priceless. The lesser said the better and the richer your experience, the more coloured will be your emotional palate on your return from some of the best underwater hotels in the world. You can find cheap air tickets to different cities across the globe on ixigo. For more interesting hotel options, check the hotels app.

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